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Please leave some suggestions below on how this site could be improved. Any ideas/criticisms are welcome.

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  1. Manila says:

    The Social Security application records are now back online:

  2. hawkwing says:

    Is anyone able to help a less experienced user with their first submission?

  3. md65 says:

    hi, how can i add pics to the profiles when submitting a celeb?

  4. Oaken05 says:

    It is unbecoming to beg and whine. I commend Ethnic for taking a more discerning and disciplined stance on additions to the site. If people have questions about someone they have a personal interest in, but who may not be interesting or popular enough to the wider community, they can always come to the Feedback section to see if someone here can point you in the right direction.

    • jackson9 says:

      “It is unbecoming to beg and whine.” from the person that whines about every new user being a troll and wants comments deleted and users band. You are in no place to preach to anyone.

      • Oaken05 says:

        So, you realized I was talking about you without having to say your name, huh? lol

        Yelling at me isn’t going to get any of your profiles closer to being added. But if the tantrums make you feel better, more power to you. lol

        • jackson9 says:

          You are aware you whine more than anyone I’ve seen in my eight years on this site? You beg the admins to take down posts and monitor users you don’t like. My last comment wasn’t yelling it was pointing out the obvious hypocrisy you are too stupid to understand. I apologize to Ethnic for my overeagerness but this has nothing to do with you and honestly you come off as smug on most of your comments. I would rather see Neil Tennant than listen to you preach to us.

  5. jackson9 says:

    “Poorly written plagiarized profiles.” Almost all my profiles go into detail through multiple generations and have sources, usually obituaries.

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