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  1. mycarf123123 says:

    Also, change that ‘RACE RELATED DISCUSSION’ on the left

    Race is a fake term (white/yellow/black/brown) wrongly used in te early 20th century and before that,
    whereas Ethnicity is a scientific term proven by genes and dna.

  2. mycarf123123 says:

    can you profile:
    Iris Apatow (her sister is here),
    Odessa A’zion/Adlon (her sister is here),
    Zoe Wanamaker,
    and perhaps even Lorne Michaels?

  3. MichaelWHat says:

    Please bring back ethnic connect

  4. Devil says:

    So apparently the geneanet database that’s been posted as a source a lot on this website is run by a hack who is a terrible human being to boot. See these two pages for reference
    Should this website really promote the guy’s “work” (which, as the second link says, is largely stolen from other websites anyway)?

    • bablah says:

      Geneanet is not Tim Dowling’s company. It’s a French company akin to or Dowling is merely a user like all the others. I don’t use any of his trees as a source since they’re chock full of mistakes, but geneanet has many users posting their family trees, especially from the Francophone communities. So, you’ll find French, French-Canadian and French-Polynesian trees on the site that were not made by Dowling because he has no interest in them.

    • LIAHtheoldertiti35 says:

      It is very difficult to make trees I have used My Heritage, and there were many types of family, and it is confusing, because we never know which is right, and I could have sworn that Mariah Carey was of English, Scottish, Northern Irish, and German ancestry,

  5. jackson9 says:

    Please confirm the famous rabbis through different eras of time.

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