Henrik Mestad

Place of Birth: Oslo, Norway

Date of Birth: 22 June, 1964

Ethnicity: Norwegian

Henrik Mestad is a Norwegian actor. His father, Viking Mestad, was a Norwegian banker and politician for the Liberal Party. His mother is Ingrid Sigrun Robberstad. He is married to Adele Matheson.

Henrik’s paternal grandfather was Ole Vikingsen Mæstad/Mestad (the son of Viking Ivarsen Mestad and Anna Nilsdatter Bindingbø). Ole was born in Mestad. Henrik’s great-grandfather Viking was the son of Ivar Vikingsen Brækhus, later Mestad, and of Brytteva Jakobsdatter Brækhus, later Mestad. Anna was the daughter of Nils Simonsen Bindingbø and Torbjørg Olsdatter Fjellanger.

Henrik’s paternal grandmother was Ingeborg Andersdatter Roe (the daughter of Anders Ivarsen Flansaas and Martha Johannesdatter Ro). Ingeborg was born in Evanger, Voss, Hordaland, Norway. Anders was the son of Ivar Andersen Flansaas and Guro Nilsdatter Bergstad. Martha was the daughter of Johannes Larsen Øvstedal, later Ro, and Ingeborg Nilsdatter Skylje.

Henrik’s maternal grandfather was Henrik Friis Robberstad (the son of Magnus Knutsson Robberstad and Lydia Lydersdatter Friis). Henrik was born in Moster, Bømlo, Hordaland, Norway. Magnus was the son of Knut Ingebriktsson Rubbestad and Brita Malene Hansdtr Rubbestad. Lydia was the daughter of Lyder Henrik Friis and Borgny Torkjellsdatter Totland.

Henrik’s maternal grandmother was Olga Bertine Svendsen (the daughter of Samson Svendsen Jåstad/Teigland and Ingeborg Larsdatter Grønås). Olga was born in Moster, Bømlo, Hordaland, Norway. Samson was the son of Svend Oddsson Veste/Jåstad and Brita Olsdtr Veste Røynestrand. Ingeborg was the daughter of Lars Grønås and Anna Kristine.

Source: Genealogy of Henrik Mestad – https://www.geni.com

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