Hannah Barefoot

Barefoot in 2019, photo by kathclick/Bigstock.com

Birth Name: Hannah Gail Kellerby

Place of Birth: Cody, Wyoming, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 1, 1984

Ethnicity: Norwegian (maternal grandfather), English, Welsh, Scottish, French, German, Dutch

Hannah Barefoot is an American actress, singer, and writer.

She is married to Andy Barefoot. Her surname, Kellerby, is her paternal stepgrandfather’s surname.

Hannah’s paternal grandfather was Joseph Solomon “Joe” Dobson (the son of Dave Solomon/Soloman Dobson and Lydia Estalla Ashmore). Joseph was born in Oklahoma. Dave was born in Texas, the son of Solomon Dobson and Elizabeth Wisdom. Lydia was born in South Carolina.

Hannah’s paternal grandmother was Edith Lacquement (the daughter of Jesse Lacquement and Blanche Hanks). Edith was born in Oklahoma. Jesse was born in Oklahoma, the son of Joseph Lacquement, whose parents were French, and of Sarah Richet, whose parents were also French. Blanche was born in Kansas, the daughter of James Romulus “Rome” Hanks and Penelope Elizabeth Ponder.

Hannah’s maternal grandfather was Carl Woodrow Wilhelm Sorenson (the son of Peter Sorenson and Thalia Ambrosia/Amborsia Svennungson). Carl was born in South Dakota. Peter was born in Bruflat, Oppland, Norway, the son of Soren Pedersen and Marit Knudsdatter. Thalia was born in North Dakota, to Norwegian parents, Stener Svenungsen and Divert/Devert Frich.

Hannah’s maternal grandmother was Margaret Ellen Dean (the daughter of Ralph Sidney Dean and Ada Mary Keller). Margaret was born in Nebraska. Ralph was born in Nebraska, the son of Ira Dennis Dean and Esther Hoornbeck. Ada was also born in Nebraska, the daughter of George M. Keller, whose parents were German, and of Ellen Louise Richards.

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