George Cadle Price

Date of Birth: 15 January, 1919

Place of Birth: Belize City, British Honduras (now Belize)

Date of Death: 19 September, 2011

Place of Death: Belize City, Belize

*father – Belize Creole
*mother – Mayan [Indigenous Belizean]

George Cadle Price was a Belizean statesman. He served as Prime Minister of Belize, from 12 September, 1981 to 17 December, 1984, and again, from 7 September, 1989 to 13 July, 1993, as well as Premier of British Honduras, from 1 January, 1964 to 1 June, 1973, Premier of Belize, from 1 June, 1973 to 12 September, 1981, and Leader of the Opposition, from 3 July, 1993 to 10 November, 1996, among other duties.

George was the son of Irene Cecelia/Secilia (Escalante) and William Cadle Price. His father was of Creole ancestry. His mother was of Mayan descent.


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