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Birth Name: Gabrielle Allyse Reece

Place of Birth: La Jolla, San Diego, California, United States

Date of Birth: January 6, 1970

Ethnicity: African-Trinidadian (paternal grandfather), English, Irish, Scottish

Gabrielle Reece is an American professional volleyball player, sports announcer, fashion model, and actress. She is nicknamed “Gabby.”

She is the daughter of Terry (Glynn) and Robert Eduardo/Edward Reece. Her father was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and worked as a psychologist. Her mother is a white American. She was raised in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Gabrielle is married to big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton, with whom she has two children.

A picture of Gabrielle’s father can be seen here.

Gabrielle has said:

…My grandfather was Black, and my grandmother was White. A lot of my family are still in Trinidad… Women of color can always tell [that Gabrielle has African ancestry]. They’re the ones who ask me.

Gabrielle’s paternal grandfather was Edward Albert Reece (the son of William Reece and Alice Huggins). Edward was born in Trinidad, and was black.

Gabrielle’s paternal grandmother was Winifred/Winnifrid/Winnifred Melissa Beal (the daughter of Arthur G. Beal and Lida Maud Mitchell). Winifred was born in Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts. She was white. Arthur was the son of John Beal and Melissa Grant. Lida was the daughter of Charles Mitchell and Nellie Moore.

Sources: Naturalization record of Gabrielle’s paternal grandfather, Edward Albert Reece –

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Marriage record of Gabrielle’s paternal great-grandparents, Arthur G. Beal and Lida Maud Mitchell –


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  1. Mark Reece Healey says:

    My name is Mark Reece Healey, the son of Sandra Reece ( now Healey ) who is the daughter of the late Dr. Alex Reece ( Brother to Edward Reece, Gabby’s Paternal Grandfather ). I am only now learning of my Mother’s side of the family’s true ancestry, believing for the longest time that there was mix of both Black and White . My mother, having grown up in Trinidad with her two sisters, Barbara and Eleanore, and cousins ( including Bobby Reece, Gabby’s late father ), many of my relatives were mixed – some looked darker than others while others were quite fair. Genes are funny things sometimes.. My Grandpa Alex ( Alick ) Reece had many siblings: Edward, Elaine, Ethel and louise ( affectionately Lou ). I only had the pleasure of getting to know Elaine, Ethel and Lou during my childhood years. Gabby’s Father, Robert had three other siblings: Patsy ( Patricia), Joanne, and Teddy. At present, I am in touch with Joanne and Teddy’s daughter, Heidi Reece Miller. Oddly enough, I have never met Gabby, but perhaps one day…..

    My sister is working on a Reece/Healey family tree which should prove quite interesting!!!

  2. Ethnicity37 says:

    Picture of Gabrielle Reece’s father

  3. comrade says:


    “Seems probable that these are the right people.” That’s what I thought too.

    In the same Reece Family Tree there’s a Claude Albert Reece (born 1894 in Port of Spain, Trinidad) I think this is Alick Reece’s cousin (or maybe half-brother?) Because Claude was listed as White when he emigrated and Alick Reece was listed as Black.
    Claude Reece’s parents were Claude Austin Louis Reece (born 1866 in Christ Church, Barbados) and Veronica I. Carter (1869). Claude Austin Louis Reece was the son of William Henry Reece and Mary Ann Jeffers/Jeffres Gittens/Gifford. William and Mary Ann’s other children were:
    William Ethelstone Reece (born 1870 in Barbados)
    Oscar Elliott Reece (1873 in Barbados)
    Maurice Duncan Reece (1868 in Barbados)
    Alfred Norman Reece (1862 in Barbados)
    Rupert Frances Emanuel Reece (1864 in Barbados)

    I think one of these sons could be Alick Reece’s father.
    ( They all seemed to have moved to Trinidad or somewhere else. No death records in Barbados for any of them.

    There are no Trinidadian records on so all tracks stop there.
    There are far more Reece’s in Barbados than in Trinidad (according to ancestry) so I think that’s where they originate.

    Another theory is that Abraham Llewelyn Reece (born in c. 1845 in Barbados cousin of the other Reece’s) is Alick’s grandfather/father. Abraham married a french woman named Celestrel (according to this: and this: and had one son (could this be Alick’s dad?).

    (Alick and Abraham might be related because Abraham was a Dr. of Medicine and Alick Reece was a doctor too so it seems to be a family profession. Robert Reese was a psychologist/doctor as well. (I also can’t find a death record for Abraham Llewelyn Reece in Barbados so he may have moved to Trinidad.)

    • comrade says:

      Arnold Reece (born 1878 in Barbados) who married his cousin Mary Louise Reece (daughter of Robert Reece and Josephine Evelyn) could also be Alick Reece (born 1908)’s father. Arnold Reece was the son of Abraham Arnold Reese (1848) and Mary Catherine “Kate” Mapp. Abraham A. Reese and Robert Reece were brothers (sons of William James Reece (1807) and Elizabeth Tinling (1815))

      • andrew says:

        Good reaearch. We will find the correct grandparents soon. Certainly she is not only “Afro-Trinidadian” lol.

        • comrade says:

          Yeah, I’m not sure her grandfather is 100% black either. He’s probably, very likely mixed race too. If Alick Reese is her grandfather that means that Gabrielle is probably only 1/8th black because the Reece’s are mainly white (former plantation owners). I think the black part probably comes from Alick’s mother’s side.

          As for her paternal grandmother Theresa Ollivierra if she is her grandmother that means that Gabrielle is 1/4th Portuguese/Hispanic. I think it shows in her face, she has a portuguese features imo.

        • midori29 says:

          @Andrew Afro Trinidadian is the same as African American. Its still black. When are people going to realize that the African slaves taken to America and the Carribean had the same history of force mixing and rape. They are still black people but slightly admixed from 100 to 200 years ago. So the offspring can look a variety of ways. You keep thinking African. Just because a Black person is 80 percent African and 20 percent white does not qualify them the be “mixed” for the census.

  4. andrew says:

    Is there actually someone who believes that her father is really Afro-Trinidadian?? Why no pics of him? How so?

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