Eric Daman

Eric Daman – 8th Annual “Dressed to Kilt” Charity Fashion Show – Arrivals – M2 Ultra Lounge – New York City, NY, USA, 2010 – Photo Credit: Jill Bednar / PR Photos

Birth Name: Eric C. Daman

Place of Birth: Monroe, Michigan, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 21, 1970

Ethnicity: French-Canadian, English, Irish, German

Eric Daman is an American costume designer, fashion model, television personality, and author.

Eric’s paternal grandfather was Edward Harold “Ted” Daman (the son of Arthur Egbert “Art” Daman and Lillian Matilda Richards/Richard). Edward was born in California. Arthur was the son of Francis Marion Daman and Angeline Frances McGray, who was Canadian, from Barrington, Shelburne, Nova Scotia. Arthur had Colonial American (English) descent, with deep roots in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Lillian was the daughter of Eli Richard and Idell Fontaine, and was of French-Canadian/French descent.

Eric’s paternal grandmother was Beatrice Nellie Duvall (the daughter of Lynos Alford Duvall and Matilda “Tillie” Barrow/Barron). Beatrice was born in Michigan, to a French-Canadian family. Lynos was the son of Philip/Phillip Duvall/Duval and Emily Navarre, whose surname originates with French ancestry. Matilda was the daughter of William Barron and Nellie Lillian Anteau.

Eric’s maternal grandfather was Robert Gordon Brown (the son of Samuel Budd Brown and Dora E. Lockwood). Samuel was the son of Charles H. Brown and Alice Tooth. Dora was the daughter of Henry P. Lockwood and Weltha Williams.

Eric’s maternal grandmother was Stella M. Althaver (the daughter of John G. Althaver and Clara L. Steinman). John was the son of George B. Althaver, whose parents were German, and of Eliza Kimling, whose parents were also German. Clara was the daughter of George Steinman, Jr., whose parents were German, and of Elizabeth Helzer, whose parents were also German.

Sources: Obituary of Eric’s father –

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    His Navarre line traces back to a Frenchman, Dep. Gov. Robert Navarre, a descendant of the Kings of Navarre:

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