Crawford Goldsby

Date of Birth: February 8, 1876

Place of Birth: San Angelo, Texas, U.S.

Date of Death: March 17, 1896

Place of Death: Fort Smith, Arkansas, U.S.

Ethnicity: African-American, European, possibly Cherokee and Sioux Native American

Crawford Goldsby, also known as “Cherokee Bill,” was an American outlaw. He and his gang were active criminals in the Indian Territory for over two years, and Crawford is responsible for the death of at least eight men.

Crawford was the son of Ellen (Beck) Lynch and George Goldsby. His parents were both of at least part black descent. His mother was born in the Delaware District of the Cherokee Nation, and his mother’s parents were slaves owned by Jeffery Beck, who was Cherokee. Aside from European and African, Crawford was said to have Native American ancestry, specifically Cherokee and Sioux. It is not clear if that is accurate.

Crawford’s father had said that his own parents were a mixed-race woman named Hester King, and a white plantation owner, Thornton Boykin Goldsby.

Thornton was the son of Richard Boykin Goldsby and Zilla Feraby Thornton. Richard was the son of Peter Goolsby and Mary Murray. Zilla was the daughter of Thornton Herod and Phereby Blackman.

Crawford’s paternal grandmother Hester King was the daughter of Mary.

Crawford’s maternal grandfather was named Luge Beck.

Crawford’s maternal grandmother was named Tempy.

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    • fuzzybear44 says:


      NO there’s no proof, at least not from that site. That site links right to his mother who is said to only be a Black Cherokee. His father a mulatto, so if neither parent is said to be part Lakota , how could he be a Lakota?

  1. Fuzzybear says:

    Now Here was a bad man,billy the kid was nothing

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