Chris Rock

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Birth Name: Christopher Julius Rock

Place of Birth: Andrews, South Carolina, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 7, 1965

Ethnicity: African-American

Chris Rock is an American comedian, actor, writer, producer, and director.

He is the son of African-American parents, Rosalie (Tingman) and Christopher Julius Rock. He was born in Andrews, South Carolina, and was raised mostly in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, in Crown Heights and Bedford–Stuyvesant. Chris has two children with his former wife, salon founder Malaak Compton-Rock.

Chris’s paternal grandfather was named The Rev. Allen Rock (the son of Abraham Rock and Mary). The Rev. Allen was born around Eutawville, South Carolina.

Chris’s paternal grandmother was named Mary Vance. Mary was born around Eutawville.

Chris’s maternal grandfather was Wesley Tingman (the son of James Tingman and Emma Telefair). Wesley was born around Andrews, South Carolina. James’s father, Chris’s great-great-grandfather Julius Caesar Tingman, was a former slave who served with the Union during the Civil War, with the U.S. Colored Troops. He was elected to the South Carolina state legislature in 1872. James’s mother was Eliza Ann Moultrie.

Chris’s maternal grandmother was Pearl McClam (the daughter of The Rev. Romy/Rumnie/Romeo McClam and Margaret “Maggie” McFadden). Pearl was born around Andrews, South Carolina. The Rev. Romy was the son of Lewis McClam and Tishia Graham.

A DNA test whose results were displayed on the show African American Lives 2 (2008) stated that Chris’s genetic ancestry is:

*80% Sub-Saharan African
*20% European

In his 2009 book about the show, In Search of Our Roots: How 19 Extraordinary African Americans Reclaimed Their Past, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. wrote that 45% of Chris’s African DNA matches Upper Guinea (Senegal to Liberia), 30% matches Benin and western Nigeria, and 25% matches the Congo-Angola region.

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  1. California says:

    Can’t stand this fool, he is so annoying and not even funny.

  2. Liljaoch says:

    Stopit.. You are so stupid. I dont think just because he was an ocander he owned slaves. Not true. And there were white slaves also. And dont you dare to say something shir about Sweden. Fucking racist fuck. Read slme

  3. stopit says:

    I have read many comments under celebs who are listed as African American. Black is a race and we are everywhere in many combinations. Most here are in America if not all are descendants of slaves many of our women were raped, assaulted and violated by whoever owned us. Chris Rock can’t rep something he does not identify with. We (African American) are something different. We are our own people and we know we are most likely mixed with many different ethnicities but we know who we are and how we ended up here and all the circumstances that surround the situation. I have siblings that are beautiful and dark and I have some who are very fair skin. I have cousins with hazel eyes. It is all in the genes but we are all black people. There are black cubans, black colombians, black brazilians we are everywhere! We are a beautiful people. My husband is fair skinned and some of our children are fair and some are dark but they are Black American. Nobody gets to define us and dictate our beauty some of you are way out of line. CHRIS is a black man he knows nothing of Iceland so how could he rep it?He did not get those genes from Iceland from a loving relationship between his great great great great great grandmother and a man from Iceland newsflash it was probably a forced interaction on a scared confused slave so why on Earth would he want to rep that? Would you?

  4. Daisuke says:

    Chris Rock is of African, and Scandinavian descent so he’s bi-racial, so Chris rock please represent you’re Nordic Viking roots.

  5. Daisuke says:

    He is mixed race bi-racial. his 20%Caucasian is Nowegian, Swedish, and Icelandic. his 12xgreatgrandfather was Saami.

    • follers says:

      What’s the source that he has Nowegian, Swedish, Icelandic, and Saami ancestry?

    • westovermarching says:

      He’s African American a DNA test doesn’t make you less A-A. All A-A are mixed but still A-A. Both Parents are A-A so he’s A-A

    • memphis says:

      The results were were he was of Scandinavian descent but probably more Finnish. Most Finns have a degree of Saami ancestry, who are the indigenous people of Sweden,Norway, and parts of Russia. Some Saami have Asian features due to Uralic speakers that came from Siberia and remind me at times of Native Americans because they make teepees and are nomadic herders. Some Finns have exotic features with blonde hair and slightly slanted eyes. Socially Chris Rock is “Black” and that is it. period. All African-Americans who have been here for 100 years or more have mixed ancestry and are still labelled in the category of “Black”.

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