Keyshia Cole

Cole in 2012

Birth Name: Keyshia Myeshia Johnson

Place of Birth: Oakland, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: October 15, 1981

Ethnicity: African-American, likely Mexican [Spanish/Portuguese, Indigenous]

Keyshia Cole is an American R&B singer, songwriter, record producer, television personality, and businessperson. She is also known as Khanyisile Cele.

Her biological parents are Frankie Lons and boxing trainer Virgil Hunter. As an adult, Keyshia met Virgil, after a paternity test confirmed he was her biological father. She appeared on a reality television show which featured Frankie, who struggled with drug addiction.

Keyshia was adopted at the age of two, by Yvonne and Leon Cole, who were family friends. Her brother is Sean, also known as Nutt-So. Keyshia has a son with her former husband, professional basketball player Daniel Gibson; and a son with her former partner Niko Khale.

A 23andMe DNA test whose results Keyshia displayed on Instagram stated that her genetic ancestry is:

*46.3% Sub-Saharan African
——–*24.9% Nigerian
——–*11.9% Ghanaian, Liberian & Sierra Leonean
——–*3.2% Senegambian & Guinean
——–*2.9% Broadly West African
——–*2.8% Angolan & Congolese
——–*0.2% Southern East African
——–*0.2% Broadly Congolese & Southern East African
——–*0.2% Broadly Sub-Saharan African
*28.3% European
——–*17.8% Spanish & Portuguese
——–*5.5% British & Irish
——–*2.9% Broadly European
——–*1.1% Broadly Northwestern European
——–*0.8% Broadly Southern European
——–*0.2% Ashkenazi Jewish
*20.4% East Asian & Indigenous American
——–*19.4% Indigenous American
——–*0.2% Broadly Chinese & Southeast Asian
*4.1% Western Asian & North African
——–*2.2% North African
——–*0.6% Filipino & Austronesian
*0.9% Unassigned

The results may be of a test of Keyshia’s father, rather than Keyshia. Based on her DNA test, Keyshia is likely of both African-American and Mexican origin (family matches in Mexico), with Spanish and/or Portuguese and Indigenous descent.

Keyshia’s biological maternal grandfather was named Wilford Lons.

Keyshia’s biological maternal grandmother was named Alice E. Thomas.



Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Ethnicity37 says:

    To clear some things up……
    Keyshia’s father is Black and most likely part Mexican descent( she did a parentage-DNA test to confirm that Virgil Hunter is her father). From what is known, he is black /mixed.
    This result mirrors someone who is half native USA black and half Mexican but her biological father is a Black- appearing man so how could she have that much Native American and North African ancestry as a second-generation??? I don’t question the European because the majority of Native USA blacks have European on average of 20%-25% due to slavery. I have 22%.

    Those results appear to be her father’s ancestry result which would make more sense than her result. Sometimes people will send in their parent’s DNA and put it under their name( my friend did that) because it can give a better picture of what one is mixed with or could be mixed with..There are Youtube videos of people sharing their parent’s DNA results despite not doing one themselves.
    In her DNA result that she posted, there is ALOT of Native American and North African ancestry which would be rare or unheard for her to inherit that much unless her father is fully Mexican which he is not. Virgil is a Black/mixed-appearing man. Her father appears to be half Mexican and half Black. Those are his results most likely.

  2. bbnii2 says:

    Looks like she was right. She is biracial.

    Her 23ANDME results below:

    An instagram video of the results:


    46.3% Sub-Saharan African
    28.3% European
    20.4% East-Asian & Indigenous American (incl. 19.4% Indigenous American)
    4.1% Western Asian & North African
    0.9% Unassigned

    Screenshots of results:

    • andrew says:

      How biracial?

      That looks like her bio father is with no doubt a Latino mestizo.

      Triracial then.

      • alexgxo says:

        Does this mean that “Virgil Hunter” is not actually her biological father? Reports state that he was African American and he looks it from the photos I saw. But that DNA test seems to imply that her biological father wasn’t African-American or at least, wasn’t fully African-American. Seems that he had some kind of Latino ancestry. Maybe Mexican?

      • bbnii2 says:

        Yea, you’re right, she’s triracial.

        I also agree that her biological father has to be a Latino, most likely Mexican because she’s from California.

        So, who is this Virgil Hunter guy and why did she announce he was her biological dad without a DNA test??

        • Mixed Kidd says:

          Her DNA results did say she is Mexican from Jalisco area, so this site should add Mexican in the mix

        • sadesdaughter says:

          She was talking about how she didn’t know who her biological father was in early 2020 which was years after she revealed that Virgil Hunter was her father so I knew something was off with that story. I wonder if maybe a sibling found out their father was Virgil Hunter, she claimed him publicly and then it turned out that her sibling didn’t have the same dad? She is certainly half Mexican mestizo which Virgil Hunter is not.

          • Ethnicity37 says:

            She said she did a blood test with Virgil. And the results confirmed he was her father. He is a black-mixed appearing man. So that test was most likely his DNA result. And that actually would make the most sense. According to the DNA, that person would have had a full Mexican mestizo parent. Virgil is a black-mixed-looking person.

        • Ethnicity37 says:

          Her biological father is a black/mixed appearing man but he seems to be half Mexican and half Black. I don’t think that is her result but his result.

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