Carmen Miranda

Birth Name: Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha

Date of Birth: 9 February, 1909

Place of Birth: Várzea da Ovelha e Aliviada, Marco de Canaveses, Kingdom of Portugal

Date of Death: August 5, 1955

Place of Death: Beverly Hills, California, U.S.

Ethnicity: Portuguese

Carmen Miranda was a Portuguese-Brazilian samba singer, dancer, and actress. She was nicknamed “The Brazilian Bombshell.”

Carmen was born in Marco de Canaveses, Portugal, the daughter of Maria Emília Miranda and José Maria Pinto da Cunha. Her father was born in Várzea da Ovelha e Aliviada, Marco de Canaveses, Porto. Her mother was born in Marco de Canaveses, Porto. She moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1910, where she was raised. She was the sister of rower Amaro da Cunha, singer Cecilia Miranda de Carvalho, and singer and actress Aurora Miranda. She was married to David Alfred Sebastian, until her death.

Carmen’s paternal grandfather was José Pinto Cunha (the son of António Pinto Cunha and Maria Thomazia/Tomásia). José was born in Santo Isidoro, Marco de Canaveses, Porto, Portugal.

Carmen’s paternal grandmother was Emília de Jesus (the daughter of António Ferraz and Joaquina de Jesus). Emília was born in Várzea da Ovelha e Aliviada, Marco de Canveses, Porto.

Carmen’s maternal grandfather was José de Barros (the son of João de Barros and Maria Sanhudo).

Carmen’s maternal grandmother was Maria da Conceição Miranda (the daughter of Bernardo de Miranda e Castro and Ana Monteiro).

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