Brenton Thwaites

"The Giver" Los Angeles Press Conference

Thwaites in 2014, photo by PR Photos

Place of Birth: Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Date of Birth: 10 August, 1989

Ethnicity: English, possibly other

Brenton Thwaites is an Australian actor. He has starred in the films Occulus, The Giver, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Blue Lagoon: The Awakening, among many others. Brenton is the son of Fiona Middleton and Peter Thwaites. He has two children with his partner Chloe Pacey.

Brenton’s parents both have English surnames. Nothing else appears to be publicly known about his ancestry.

Brenton’s maternal grandfather is likely named Terry Middleton.

A picture of Brenton with his father and sister can be seen here. A picture of Brenton’s mother can be seen here.

The Los Angeles Mission Thanksgiving Dinner for Skid Row

Thwaites in 2012, photo by PR Photos

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  1. xoxo says:

    He doesn’t look white, he looks Latino.

  2. Capricious says:

    He’s a very tanned English guy I guess.

    But I thought he was Irish.

  3. celebfan says:

    Has anybody asked him about his heritage?

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