Brandon Colbein

Colbein in 2015, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Brandon Colbein Skeie

Place of Birth: Kelso, Washington, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 6, 1993

Ethnicity: Norwegian (37.5%), German, English, Scottish, Irish, distant French

Brandon Colbein is an American singer and songwriter. He is also credited as Brandon Skeie.

Brandon’s paternal grandfather was Gustav C. “Gus” Skeie (the son of Hans Jakob Skeie and Jenny Amanda Solheim). Gustav was born in Oregon, to Norwegian parents. Jenny was the daughter of Karl Johannes Solheim and Anna Serina Steinsland.

Brandon’s paternal grandmother was Mary Lucille “Lou” May (the daughter of Lawrence/Laurence Leroy May and Lucille Elizabeth Fries). Mary was born in Iowa. Lawrence was born in Illinois, the son of Gerhardt/Gilbert Earl May and Helena “Lena” Siemens/Siems, whose parents were German. Brandon’s great-grandmother Lucille was born in Iowa, the daughter of Peter John Fries, whose parents were German, and of Catherine Elizabeth Harmon/Harman, whose parents were from Germany and France, and were of German descent.

Brandon’s maternal grandfather was Jesse James Graves (the son of Oliver “Ollie” Graves and Anna Aasheim/Alshime). Jesse was born in Indiana. Oliver was born in Illinois, the son of Stephen Milton Graves and Lucy Ann Gooch. Anna was born in Iowa, to Norwegian parents, John A. Aasheim and Marie Stanghelle.

Brandon’s maternal grandmother was Barbara E. Kitchen (the daughter of Elwood Earl Kitchen and Pauline Clyde Williamson). Barbara was born in Washington. Brandon’s great-grandfather Elwood was born in Manitoba, Canada, the son of Stanley Reginald Kitchen and Ethel Charlotte Flaxman, who was English. Pauline was born in Arkansas, the daughter of Basil Dorwin Williamson and Rebecca Leanna Kent.

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