Ben Gillies

Silverchair Performing Live In Concert

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Birth Name: Benjamin David Gillies

Place of Birth: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Date of Birth: 24 October, 1979

*father – Scottish, possibly other
*mother – English, one eighth Ashkenazi Jewish, some Irish, possibly some Welsh

Ben Gillies is an Australian musician. He was the drummer for alternative rock band Silverchair. Chris Joannou and Daniel Johns were also members of the band. He is also known as Tomohawk.

Ben is the son of Annette and David Gillies. He is married to Croatian-Australian psychic and reality television personality Jackie Gillies (born Jakica Ivančević), with whom he has two children.

Ben’s maternal grandfather was Charles Cornelius Davies (the son of Bernard Louis Davies and Catherine Hoath). Charles was an English emigrant, from Manchester. Bernard was the son of Charles Davis and Catherine McLean; Charles was the son of Elias Davids, a Hungarian Jewish immigrant, and of Elisabeth Trompretter, a Dutch Jewish emigrant, from Schagen, North Holland. Ben’s great-grandmother Catherine’s father, Martin Hoath, was born in Athlone, Ireland, to an Irish father, Martin Hoath, and to an English mother, Elizabeth Rider. Catherine mother, Ben’s great-great-grandmother Mary Elizabeth Kirby, was born in England, of three quarters Irish descent.

Ben’s maternal grandmother was Joan Esme Fielder (the daughter of Ronald Robert Fielder and Alice May Brown). Ronald was the son of John Thomas Fielder, of English descent, and of Emily Jane Powell.

Source: Genealogy of Ben Gillies (focusing on his mother’s side) –

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  1. madman says:

    You do not have to trace every single ancestor to conclude what someone’s ancestry most likely is. Otherwise a lot of Americans would have “unknown” as a large percentage of their ancestry, since it is not tracable beyond the U.S. In the case of Ben, his surname is Scottish, and the unknown part of his mother’s ancestry is likely mostly English, though the surname Powell indicates Welsh ancestry. Also, Elias Davis and Elizabeth Trompretter was Charles’ parents, not grandparents. Therefore, I would phrase it like:
    *Scottish, possibly other (father)
    *English, some Irish, 1/16th Hungarian or Ashkenazi Jewish, 1/16th Dutch, possibly some Welsh

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