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06/01/2019 – Barbara Luna – Edwards Lowell and Andrew Weiss Present: Marilyn Monroe 17 Years in the Making – Arrivals – Edwards Lowell Gallery, 8712 Wilshire Boulevard – Beverly Hills, CA , USA – Photo Credit: Sushi /

Birth Name: Barbara Ann Luna

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 2, 1937

*Filipino, Spanish (father)
*Italian/Sicilian, Ashkenazi Jewish (mother)

BarBara Luna is an American actress.

She is the daughter of Florence and Mario Luna.

BarBara has stated:

My mother was from Budapest and her father was from Italy. My father was born in Manila and his mother was from Spain.

BarBara is also said to have Portuguese and/or Jewish ancestry. It is not clear if this is accurate.

BarBara’s maternal grandfather was named Carlo/Charles Dragna (the son of Antonino Dragna and Salvatria Triola). Charles was born in Palermo, Sicily.

BarBara’s maternal grandmother was Margaret Berger (the daughter of Aron/Aaron Berger and Ida Schairk/Schwartz). Margaret was a Hungarian Jewish immigrant.

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  1. madman says:

    Can anyone find her parents on censuses? All I’ve found was their names.

    • jackson9 says:

      Hi Madman, I am trying to get verification so hold on but I believe Florence (Dragna) Luna, born 1913 in New York City and died 1998 was the daughter of Charles Dragna and Margaret Berger (1895-1966) born in Hungary. Margaret being the daughter of Aaron Berger and Ida Schwartz, both Hungarian Jews. I can’t send a link to my source but if you have an ancestry subscription and I apologize if you don’t go to Florence Dragna (the mother) under “New York, State Census, 1925. that gives the names of her parents (BarBara’s maternal grandparents). I will soon in another message give my evidence for the great-grandparents who I believe were Ashkenazi Hungarian Jews. I hope this was helpful.

      • madman says:

        I had the feeling her Hungarian side would be Jewish. Those people you found could very well be her grandparents, especially given their birth places (Charles was born in Palermo, Sicily, and Margaret in Hungary).

        I couldn’t find them on a national census though. Why specifically do you think they’re her grandparents? Just because you didn’t find any other possible contenders?

        I can’t even find Barbara herself on the 1940 census.

        • bablah says:

          “Farkas family tree” on ancestry mentions them as parents of Florence Dragna/Luna/Schwartz. I believe that’s where bearboy got his info. It’s true that they’re kinda elusive when it comes to finding them on a census. I couldn’t find any definite confirmation that this is the right Florence, but it likely is. Way too many things add up.

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