Place of Birth: Amphorn Sathan Residential Hall, Dusit Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

Date of Birth: 7 December, 1978

Ethnicity: Thai, some Chinese and Mon

Bajrakitiyabha is a Thai diplomat and a member of the Chakri dynasty. She is also known as Princess Pa and Patty.

She is the daughter of the King of Thailand Vajiralongkorn and his first consort, Soamsawali.

Bajrakitiyabha’s paternal grandfather was Bhumibol Adulyadej (who was the King of Thailand, the son of Mahidol Adulyadej and Srinagarindra). King Bhumibol was born iMount Auburn Hospital, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S. Mahidol was the son of Chulalongkorn (also known as Rama V) and Savang Vadhana. Srinagarindra was the daughter of Chu Chukramol and Kham Chukramol.

Bajrakitiyabha’s paternal grandmother is Sirikit (the daughter of Nakkhatra Mangkala, 2nd Prince of Chanthaburi, and of Bua Snidvongs). Sirikit was born in Pathum Wan, Bangkok, Siam. The 2nd Prince of Chanthaburi was the son of Kitiyakara Voralaksana, 1st Prince of Chanthaburi, and of Princess Apsarasaman Devakula. Bua was the daughter of Sadan Snidvongs and Bang Bunyathon.

Bajrakitiyabha’s maternal grandfather is Adulakit Kitiyakara (the older brother of Sirikit). Adulakit was born in Deves Palace, Bangkok, Siam.

Bajrakitiyabha’s maternal grandmother was Princess Bandhu Savali Yugala (the daughter of Prince Bhanubandhu Yugala and Soiraya Snidvongs). Bhanubandhu was the son of Yugala Dighambara, Prince of Lopburi, and of Princess Chalermkhetra Mangala. Soiraya was the daughter of Suvabandhu Snidvongs and Yisun Mangkarabandhu.

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