Armen Nahapetian

Place of Birth: California, U.S.

Date of Birth: 2007

*father – likely Armenian Iranian
*mother – Cajun French, German, Irish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, English, Scottish, 1/16th Italian, 1/32 Spanish, remote Welsh

Armen Nahapetian is an American actor. He played the young version of Joaquín Phoenix’s character in Beau Is Afraid.

Armen’s father was born in Iran, and was likely of Armenian descent. His mother is American. He is the brother of musician and actor Remy Nahapetian and actor Marcel Nahapetian.

Armen’s maternal grandfather was James A. Hilsabeck (the son of John Richard Hilsabeck and Mary Anne Walker). John was the son of Lester Clyde Hilsabeck, whose maternal grandparents were of Scots-Irish/Northern Irish background; and of Mary Loraine Wendling, whose grandparents were ethnic Germans, and emigrated from both Germany and France. Armen’s great-grandmother Mary Anne was the daughter of Mark C. Walker and May Callahan.

Armen’s maternal grandmother was Lorraine Pepitone (the daughter of Ronald Emanuel Pepitone and Jacqueline Straughan). Ronald was the son of Manuel/Emanuel Pepitone, whose father was Italian, and whose mother was of half Spanish and half Cajun French descent; and of Agnes Barron/Baron, who likely was also of Cajun descent. Jacqueline was the daughter of Otis Joseph Straughan, who had British Isles ancestry, and of Nydia May Hulin, who was of Cajun French descent.

Source: Genealogy of Armen’s maternal great-grandfather, John Richard Hilsabeck –

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  1. madman says:

    the daughter of parents surnamed Pepitone and Straugha/Straughan
    Ronald Emanuel Pepitone and Jacqueline Straughan

    Ronald was the son of Manuel/Emanuel Pepitone and Agnes Barron/Baron. Jacqueline was the daughter of Otis Joseph Straughan and Nydia May Hulin.

    Manuel’s father was Italian and his mother was of half Spanish and half Cajun/French descent. Agnes was likely Cajun as well. Otis was of British Isles descent. Nydia had Cajun/French ancestry.

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