Antony Moynihan, 3rd Baron Moynihan

Birth Name: Antony Patrick Andrew Cairne Berkeley Moynihan

Date of Birth: 2 February, 1936

Place of Birth: Paddington, London, England

Date of Death: 24 November, 1991

Place of Death: Manila, Philippines

Ethnicity: English, some Irish, Scottish, and Welsh, remote Dutch and French

Antony Moynihan, 3rd Baron Moynihan was an English hereditary peer. He was the son of Irene Helen (Candy) and Patrick Berkeley Moynihan, 2nd Baron Moynihan. He was married to Ann Herbert, Shirin Roshan Berry Quereshi, Luthgarda Maria Beltran dela Rosa Fernandez, Editha Eduarda Ruben, and Jinna Sabiaga.

One of Antony’s daughters is actress Maritoni Fernandez, whose daughter is actress Lexi Fernandez.

Antony’s paternal grandfather was Berkeley George Andrew Moynihan, 1st Baron Moynihan (the son of Andrew Moynihan and Ellen Ann Parkin). Antony’s great-grandfather Andrew was the son of Malachi Moynihan and Ann Scott. Ellen was the daughter of Thomas Parkin and Margaret Jones.

Antony’s paternal grandmother was Isabella Wellesley Jessop (the daughter of Thomas Richard Jessop and Isabella Harvey Blackburn). Thomas was the son of Thomas Walker Jessop and Harriet Branham. Anthony’s great-grandmother Isabella was the daughter of John Blackburn and Maria Theresa Stansfield.

Antony’s maternal grandfather was Cairnes Derrick Carrington Candy (the son of Henry Augustus Candy and Frances Kathleen Westenra). Henry was the son of Charles Candy and Margaret Papineau. Frances was the daughter of Henry Robert Westenra, 3rd Baron Rossmore, and of Josephine Julia Helen Lloyd.

Antony’s maternal grandmother was Gladys Ethel Mary Bourne (the daughter of John Bourne and Helen Margaretta Faber). John was the son of John Bourne and Ethel Mason. Helen was the daughter of Charles Wilson Faber and Mary Beckett Denison.

Antony’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his fourth great-grandmother, Mary Midgeley.

Source: Genealogy of Antony Moynihan, 3rd Baron Moynihan –

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    Henry Westenra, 3rd Baron Rossmore’s middle name is Robert.

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