Anna Maria Perez de Tagle

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - May 11, 2010. Anna Maria Perez de Tagle

Birth Name: Anna Naria Francesca Enriquez Pérez de Tagle

Place of Birth: San Francisco, California, United States

Date of Birth: December 23, 1990

Ethnicity: Filipino

Anna Maria Pérez de Tagle is an American actress and singer. She is known for her roles in the Disney properties Camp Rock and series Hannah Montana.

She is the daughter of Filipino parents, Archie La Torre Pérez de Tagle and Evelyn Enríquez. Her grandmother is Filipino singer Sylvia La Torre.

Anna’s paternal grandfather is Celso Ortega Pérez de Tagle (the son of Juan Pérez de Tagle y Domingo, or Juan Domingo Pérez de Tagle in Filipino, and of Otilia Ortega y Carvajal, or Otilia Carvajal Ortega in Filipino). Juan was the son of José Pérez de Tagle and Carmen Domingo. Otilia was the daughter of José Álvaro Ortega and Hipólita Carvajal.

Anna’s paternal grandmother is Sylvia Reyes La Torre (the daughter of Olimpio “Olive” La Torre and Leonora Reyes).

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  1. lyn says:

    Anna, unlike so many overseas filipinos or half-filipinos, is truly proud of her heritage. She states that she is pure Filipino though her family’s origin can be traced to Santander, Spain and she has some Chinese and Irish blood too. Some Filipinos abroad have identity crisis and don’t like to be called pure Filipinos even though they or their Filipino parent look 99% Filipino. They were like, “I’m Filipino but I’m also Spanish, Hawaiian, Chinese, etc…” as if those other races would claim them! lol

    • Jackie says:

      There is nothing wrong to acknowledge one’s mixed heritage however what is annoying is that a lot of Filipinos try to be somebody that they are not by making up a Spanish or Chinese great-grandparent when in reality they are 100% Malay. And even if they do have a distant Spaniard ancestor, still that doesn’t make them Spanish especially if it happened about 6-7 generations ago. Yes that Stanford University genetic study on Filipinos may not be accurate enough considering that it only sampled 28 Filipinos but the evidence is very clear that the vast majority of Filipinos are of Malayan origin especially when you go to the Philippines. In fact, its a rare occurence that you encounter an actual mestizo even within the cities where they are mostly concentrated.

    • Raff says:

      you can tell from her looks that she has indeed spanish and chinese blood in her veins. And you are right most filipinos are indo-malay race especially the ones in the provinces but to me looks good with our light to medium brown skin.
      For me I would brag if I had spanish in me which I dont but i wouldnt mention chinese which I do.

  2. Issabeya_Tsai says:

    i always thought was related to Isabel Preysler,Enrique Iglesias’s mother,because she belonged to the weathy Perez de Tagle family.but I havent found anything about it online.must just be coincidence.

  3. ProudFilipina says:

    uhm… Anna is not just Filipino,she’s also Spanish and Irish.I would know cause my sister’s friends with her cousin.

  4. faith says:

    OMG! wow she’s a filipino i am to im in philipines ( visayas ‘cebu )

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