Amber Lee Ettinger

Amber Lee Ettinger – “Trophy Kids” Wrap Party – Arrivals – Kiss ‘n’ Fly in NYC Meat Packing District – New York City, NY, USA, 2009 – Photo Credit: Anthony G. Moore / PR Photos

Place of Birth: Hazleton, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 2, 1982

Ethnicity: German, Italian, English, likely Irish

Amber Lee Ettinger is an American actress, model, and Internet personality.

Amber has been described as being of Italian, German, Irish, and Swedish descent. It is not clear whether this Swedish ancestry has been verified/documented.

Amber’s paternal grandfather was Paul E. Ettinger (the son of David P. Ettinger and Stella A. Pysher). Paul was born in Jacktown, Pennsylvania. David was the son of Ervin James Ettinger and Sally/Sallie Fisher. Stella was the daughter of Paul E. Pysher and Mary Fry.

Amber’s paternal grandmother was June I. Reis (the daughter of Walter Reis and Rhoda Strouse/Strauss/Straus). June was born in East Bangor, Pennsylvania. Walter was the son of Henry W. Reis and Mary R. Stoudt. Rhoda was the daughter of Edwin/Erwin D. Straus and Mary M. Sleep, who was English.

Amber’s maternal grandfather was Vito Rodino (the son of Thomas Rodino and Rose Puglia). Thomas was from Italy. Rose was born in Pennsylvania, to parents from Italy.

Amber’s maternal grandmother was Marie M. Rickey (the daughter of John Rickey and Rose Schillo/Shillo). Marie was born in Weston, Pennsylvania. John was born in Pennsylvania, to parents from Italy, Pasqua Rickey and Mary. Rose was the daughter of John Schillo, whose parents were German, and of Emma Hartting/Hartung, who also had German ancestry.

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