Albert Rivera

Birth Name: Alberto Carlos Rivera Díaz

Place of Birth: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Date of Birth: 15 November, 1979

Ethnicity: Spanish [Andalusian]

Albert Rivera is a Spanish lawyer and politician. He has been the Leader of the Citizens Party, since 9 July, 2006, and a Member of the Congress of Deputies, since 7 January, 2016. He was previously a Member of the Catalan Parliament, from 1 November, 2006 to 4 August, 2015.

Albert is the only child of Agustín Rivera, a member of a working class family from La Barceloneta, and María Jesús Díaz, who had emigrated from Cútar, Málaga. He is married to Beatriz Tajuelo, with whom he has one child.

Albert’s paternal grandparents were Alberto Rivera and Isidra. They were from Arroyo de los Ángeles district, Málaga.

Albert’s maternal grandfather was named Lucas Díaz.

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