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Birth Name: Alan Wray Tudyk

Place of Birth: El Paso, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 16, 1971

*father – Polish
*mother – English, German, Scottish, French, Dutch

Alan Tudyk is an American actor. His roles include Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, A Knight’s Tale, 42, Firefly, and Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, and the shows Suburgatory, Con Man, and Resident Alien, as well as many voice over parts and stage performances.

He was raised in Plano, Texas. Alan is married to choreographer Charissa Barton.

Alan’s patrilineal line can be traced to Łukasz Tudyk, who was born, c. 1704, in Langendorf Tost Gleiwitz, and to his own parents, Andrzej Tudyk and Ewa Solarzonka.

Alan’s paternal grandfather was Joseph Bernard Tudyk (the son of Paul Frank Tudyk and Elizabeth Dziewior-Javior). Joseph was born in Texas. Paul was born in Texas, the son of Józef Tudyk, who was from Wisnicze, Gmina Dziemiany, Silesia, Poland, and of Petronella Kozub, who was from Raduń, Gmina Dziemiany. Elizabeth was born in Texas, the daughter of Bernard Dziewior and Eva Drzymala, who were Polish.

Alan’s paternal grandmother was Emilia Pogorzelski (the daughter of Joseph Anton Pogorzelski and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Ciomperlik). Joseph was of Polish descent. Elizabeth was the daughter of Polish parents, Frank Ciomperlik and Josepha Zimon.

Alan’s maternal grandfather was Ralph Lloyd Wiley (the son of Hayes Otto Wiley and Mary Etta Isbell). Ralph was born in Texas. Hayes was the son of King George Wiley and Elizabeth S./Belle Bird. Mary Etta was the daughter of James H. Isbell and Mollie.

Alan’s maternal grandmother was Hattie Doris Hammack/Hammock (the daughter of Irwin/Irvin Carl Hammack/Hammock and Hattie Westerman). Alan’s grandmother Hattie was born in Texas. Irwin was the son of Julius Felix Hammack/Hammock and Esbe McCrary. Alan’s great-grandmother Hattie Westerman was born in Texas, the daughter of German parents, Henry Westerman and Wilhemina “Minna” Timme, from Prussia.

Source: Genealogy of Alan Tudyk –


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