Agot Isidro

Birth Name: Maria Margarita Amada Fteha Isidro

Place of Birth: Ermita, Manila, Philippines

Date of Birth: July 20, 1966

Ethnicity: Filipino (Cebuano and Tagalog), 1/4 Palestinian

Agot Isidro is a Filipina actress, singer, and songwriter.

Agot’s father, Jose Zamora Isidro, is a businessman, from Marikina, Rizal (now part of Metro Manila). Agot’s mother, Eduarda Nuñez Fteha, was born in Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte.

Agot was previously married to Manuel “Manu” San Agustin Sandejas.

Agot’s paternal grandparents were Narciso G. Isidro y Santos (or Narciso G. Santos Isidro or Filipino, the son of Sixto Isidro and Álvara Santos), and Amada Zamora y Guevara (or Amada Guevara Zamora in Filipino, the daughter of Eugenio Zamora and Damiana Guevara).

Agot’s maternal grandparents were Ahmad Fteha and Bernabela Nuñez. Ahmad was a Palestinian mining foreman, from Silwan, Jerusalem. Bernabela was Filipina, from Cebu.

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