Achraf Hakimi

Hakimi of Paris Saint-Germain FC during the Uefa Champions League Group H match between Paris Saint Germain FC and Juventus FC at Parc des Princes on September 6, 2022 in Paris, France. canno73/

Birth Name: Achraf Hakimi Mouh

Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain

Date of Birth: 4 November, 1998

Ethnicity: Moroccan

Achraf Hakimi is a Moroccan-Spanish professional footballer. He plays for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the Morocco national team.

Achraf was born in Madrid, to Moroccan parents, and raised in Getafe, a suburb of Madrid. His father, Hassan Hakimi, is from Oued Zem, Khouribga, Morocco, and his mother, Saida Mouh, is from Ksar El Kebir, Larache province.

He is married to Spanish actress Hiba Abouk, with whom he has two children. He is a devout Muslim.

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  1. gmillaz says:

    His mother is clearly a Black African

  2. Lorenzo Spitaleri says:

    Half bidan, half haratin. But funnily enough he would be called Bidan in Mauritania.

    • andrew says:

      Never heard the first term. Thanks to let me know.

      • Oaken05 says:

        Perhaps, it’s because it’s typically spelled Beidane or Baydhan? But even more so because it’s not a term you’d typically use in Morocco, where he’d almost be classified as Arab, Berber or Arabized Berber.

        • Lorenzo Spitaleri says:

          Because in Morocco people don’t really call themselves by any race. There’s berbers, arabs, subsaharans and mixtures between these. Mauritania for contrast, it is a society that still enslaves black people lmao. But most “Beidan/White” mauritanians are more like Hakimi; mulattos. To be fair in the Arab world people consider culture over everything else. For example you may find Sudanese “Arabs” whom are mostly just arabised Nubian Kushites, which by extension means they’re a mixed race of Ancient Egyptians and Nilotic/Other East African peoples. Basically they are mulattos, but it’s not rare to see them discriminating against purebred Nilotic people. Ironically the rest of the Arab World call the mixed race Sudanese people “Zanj” or “Abeed” which are racist terms against blacks.

          This whole thing reminds me of those Dominicans that are racist against Haitians hahaha.

        • Oaken05 says:

          Oh, wow. Mutts is back under another name. Surprise. /s

      • andrew says:


        They call theirselves Amazigh

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