Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett

Birth Name: Ferrah Leni Fawcett

Date of Birth: February 2, 1947

Place of Birth: Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas, U.S.

Date of Death: June 25, 2009

Place of Death: Santa Monica, California

Ethnicity: English, likely some Welsh and Scottish

Farrah Fawcett was an American actress and artist.

Farrah was the daughter of Pauline Alice (Evans) and James William Fawcett. She had English, and likely some Welsh and Scottish, ancestry. She is sometimes described as having had French or Choctaw Native American ancestry. It is not clear if these said ancestral lines have been documented/verified.

Farrah is also sometimes stated as having had Lebanese ancestry, perhaps because her first name is of Arabic origin. However, she was not of Arab descent.

Until her death, her long-time partner was actor Ryan O’Neal. The couple had a son, Redmond.

Farrah’s paternal grandfather was William Albert Fawcett (the son of John Fawcett and Clara Flavel/Flavell). William was born in Texas. John was born in Hull, Yorkshire, England, the son of David Fawcett and Elizabeth Inchbold Green. Clara was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, the daughter of Benjamin Flavell and Esther Elizabeth Wood.

Farrah’s paternal grandmother was Myrtle Ola Hixon (the daughter of William Elbert Hixon and Mary “Mollie” E. Steen). Myrtle was born in Texas. William was the son of Richard Hickson/Hixon and Margaret Ann Henderson.

Farrah’s maternal grandparents were John Henry Evans and Martha/Mattie Ann Johnson (the daughter of Robert Owen Johnson and Nancy Jane “Jennie” Melford). Robert was the son of William Johnson and Mary Elizabeth Miller. Nancy was likely the daughter of John Quincy Mefford and Priscilla/Pricey/Pricy Harmon.

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  1. I loved Farrah Fawcett in ‘Charlie’s Angels’. I must admit I don’t think she was the most beautiful out of the three original Angels, but she had an aura emanating from within her that captured the attention of a lot of people & I can see why she was so popular with the public.
    If ethni or Follers reads this could we add Jaclyn Smith (the other Charlie’s Angel) to this website. I’d be interested to know what her ancestral background is made up of, as she was & still is an incredibly beautiful woman. Thank-you.

      1. Thanks Follers I appreciate that alot.
        It looks like Jaclyn Smith has quite a bit of Scottish ancestry on her mothers side of her family tree. Jaclyn’s great, great grandfather Lauchlen Mcauley was born in Scotland & the surname ‘Urquhart’ (held by her great grandmother) is one of the most famous of Scottish clan surnames supposedly. Also if you look further back on her family tree she has quite a bit of Irish & English ancestry too.
        I’ve heard the rumours that her father maybe Jewish too, but that’s still disputed.
        Ethni you should definitely add Jaclyn Smith to EthniCelebs. Thank-you.

    1. Her first name was a creation by her parents because it went well with her last name. It is a coincedence that it happens to be a Lebanese name. If they made her name Fachow then I wonder if she has become Chinese? (that probably isn’t a Chinese name, sorry but you know what I mean)

  2. “Fawcett once said the name “Ferrah” was made up by her mother because it went well with their last name; she later changed the spelling.”


    This is 100% what happened. Her parents made up a name (not common but not rare either to do this) and it just so happened to sound like a Lebanese name out of all the different possible places in the world. If they made changed one letter then perhaps people would be claiming something like “oh she is… czech! or from peru!”

    I also google’ed a pic of her father and he looks like a typical British person.

    I’m not sure why SOME Lebanese people can’t seem to accept this. There is literally no evidence of her being Lebanese, her parents don’t look remotely from the Levant and there is clear evidence that the name was made up. Also the “conspiracy” of her hiding it is odd because she openly admits Native American ancestry, so she has no issue admitting non-Euro ancestry. I’m sure there are other actual Lebanese celebrity to look up to… I guess some people are just crazy (obviously not most)

  3. Her father was Lebanese Arab. She could not admit such in order to protect her career. And some today still do not want this known for political reasons.

  4. She’s not Lebanese,just because ou have a Middle Eastern first name does not mean you’re middle eastern.The name Lea is Assyrian (ethnic group in nothern iraq) and most Leas i know are definitely not nothern iraqi.

    1. I was wondering why everyone kept saying she was part Lebanese. It was because of her name? I know a lot of people with first names that do not match their ethnicity. It is not exactly uncommon.

  5. I don’t know whether this is true or not but According to a 2009 story in The Daily Mail, “Her Lebanese father, an oilman, had named her after the Arabic for joy, Ferrah. But she asked her parents to change her name to Farrah and they agreed”..

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