Dante Basco

Birth Name: Dante Roman Basco

Place of Birth: Pittsburg, Contra Costa, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 29, 1975

Ethnicity: Filipino

Dante Basco is an American actor and dancer. He has appeared in various films and television shows, including The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, Moesha, and Hook. He has portrayed characters of different Asian ethnicities.

Among his siblings is actor Dion Basco.

photo by kathclick/Bigstock.com


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. andrew says:

    He can pass for Samoan too

  2. Angel Syrene says:

    He is nice guy

  3. Roger says:

    He’s one my brother’s friend’s cousin.

  4. lopac says:

    how come no fillipino comments nothing here. this is a real fillipino. I guess fillipinos are ashamed of there on race and only comment on fillipino that are mix. poor people.

  5. boobboo says:

    That don’t mean shit

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