Yu Shirota 城田優

Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan

Date of Birth: December 26, 1985

*Japanese (father)
*Spanish (mother)

Yu Shirota is a Japanese actor and singer. He starred in the 2008 Japanese drama series Rookies. Yu stands tall, 6′3″, and has a shoe size of 12. Yu is pronounced “you.” He is also known as “U.”

His father, 城田光男 Mitsuo Shirota, is Japanese. His mother, Pepi Fernández, is Spanish, from Alconchel, Badajoz. His brother is actor and singer Jun Shirota. He spent part of his childhood in Barcelona, Spain.

More pictures of Yu Shirota can be seen here.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Manila says:

    Reverse his father’s name, and add replace his mother’s family name with Fernández, and is from Alconchel, Badajoz.

  2. Hill says:

    control yourself and don’t write in caps randomly

  3. Name says:

    Wow, he looks 100% white.

  4. kira from pa. says:

    i never heard of him but he is smoking hot!

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