Vhong Navarro

Birth Name: Ferdinand Hipolito Navarro

Place of Birth: Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines

Date of Birth: January 4, 1977

Ethnicity: Filipino [one half Kapampangan, one quarter Tagalog, one eighth Ilocano, one eighth Pangasinan]

Vhong Navarro is a Filipino comedian, actor, and singer. His father, Danilo Vila Navarro, is from Manila. His mother, Imelda Buan Hipolito, is from Angeles, Pampanga. He was married to actress Lalaine Bianca Lapus.

Vhong’s paternal grandfather is Jose Ferrer Navarro (the son of Casimiro Navarro and Constancia Ferrer). Casimiro was from Luna, La Union. Constancia was from San Carlos, Pangasinan.

Vhong’s paternal grandmother is Benedicta Santiago Vila (the daughter of Ireneo Vila y Acuña, later Ireneo Acuña Vila, and of Ambrosia P. Santiago). Ireneo was born in Atimonan, Tayabas (present-day Quezon), to Eugenio Vila and Leoncia Acuña. Ambrosia Santiago was from Santa Cruz, Manila.

Vhong’s maternal grandfather was surnamed Hipolito.

Vhong’s maternal grandmother was surnamed Buan.

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