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Birth Name: Tula Paulinea Contostavlos

Place of Birth: Camden, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 13 July, 1988

*Greek Cypriot (father)
*Irish (mother)

Tulisa, also known as Tulisa Contostavlos, is a British singer, songwriter, television personality, and actress. She is a member of hip-hop trio N-Dubz, with her cousin Dappy (born Costadinos Contostavlos), and Fazer.

Her father, Plato “Steve” Contostavlos, is of Greek Cypriot descent, and was a member of rock band Mungo Jerry. Her mother, Ann, was born in Churchtown, Dublin, Ireland, and was a member of the band Jeep. She was raised Greek Orthodox, and later became Roman Catholic.

Tulisa’s paternal grandfather is named Spiros Contostavlos.

Tulisa’s maternal grandfather was surnamed Byrne.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. scott says:

    you should put

    *Greek Cypriot (Father)
    *Irish (Mother)

  2. Crates says:

    looks Irish

  3. mariian93 says:

    she seems exactly as she should be. Her irish father or mother has probably blue eyes, blond hair and white skin and her cypriot father or mother is darker than her mother and has green or brown eyes, dark hair and darker skin than the irish part without being really dark, beacause greeks are WHITE people, you just have to see old greek paintings and sculptures to realise that….So the mixture is the result of that physical traits. She has blue eyes and white skin if you remove the artificial tan and some exotic factions like her nose which shows her greek background.

  4. Mena says:

    She looks mixed.. Its obvious she has Northern European in her..

  5. Marka says:

    She is full european. seriously what is this? greeks are european! Im and white!

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