Tom Mulcair

Mulcair in 2014, photo by United Steelworkers [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Birth Name: Thomas Joseph Mulcair

Place of Birth: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: October 24, 1954

*father – Irish
*mother – French-Canadian, small amount of Irish

Tom Mulcair, also known as Thomas Mulcair, is a Canadian politician. He was Leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), from March 24, 2012 to October 1, 2017. He has also been Québec Minister of the Environment, from April 29, 2003 to February 27, 2006, a Member of Parliament for Outremont (QB), from September 17, 2007 to August 3, 2018, Opposition House Leader, from May 26, 2011 to October 12, 2011, and Leader of the Opposition, from March 24, 2012 to November 4, 2015.

He is the son of Jeanne (Hurtubise), a school teacher, and Harry Donnelly Mulcair, who worked in insurance. His father was of Irish descent. Tom’s mother was born to a family of French-Canadian, and a small amount of Irish, ancestry. Tom’s maternal great-great-grandfather, lawyer, journalist, and politician Honoré Mercier, was the 9th Premier of Quebec, from January 27, 1887 to December 21, 1891. Through his maternal Chauveau line, Tom is also a great-great-great-grandson of lawyer and politician Pierre-Joseph-Olivier Chauveau, the 1st Premier of Quebec, from July 15, 1867 to February 25, 1873.

Tom is fluent in Enlish and French. He is also a citizen of France.

Tom is married to psychologist Catherine Pinhas, with whom he has two children. Tom is Catholic, while his wife Catherine is a Sephardi Jew; her family is from Turkey. Catherine is the daughter of Lydia Perez and Raphaël Pinhas.

Tom’s paternal grandfather was Thomas Joseph Mulcair (the son of John Mulcair and Catherine Evoy). John was the son of Kennedy Mulcair and Bridget Scandlan. Catherine was the daughter of Moses Evoy and Catherine Hogan.

Tom’s paternal grandmother was Irène Béatrice Donnelly (the daughter of John Donnelly and Bridget McCallum). John was the son of Michael Donnelly and Mary Delchride. Bridget was the daughter of Archibaldo McCallum and Rose-Ann Rooney.

Tom’s maternal grandfather was Pierre Edwin Hurtubise (the son of Edwin Hurtubise and Éliza Chauveau). Pierre was born in Montréal, Québec, and was a businessperson, who was the founding mayor of Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs in the Laurentian Mountains, north of Montréal. Tom’s great-grandfather Edwin was the son of Edwin Hurtubise and Emélie/Émilie Brault. Éliza was the daughter of Pierre-André Rémi David Chauveau and Mary Martha Meagher.

Tom’s maternal grandmother was Jeanne Mercier (the daughter of Paul-Émile Mercier and Marie-Louise Taché). Paul-Émile was the son of Honoré Mercier and Virginie St-Denis. Marie-Louise was the daughter of Jean-Charles Tache and Leda Drapeau.

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