Thaksin Shinawatra

Place of Birth: San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Date of Birth: 26 July, 1949

*Thai (paternal grandmother and maternal grandmother)
*Hakka Chinese (paternal grandfather and maternal grandfather)

Thaksin Shinawatra is a Thai businessperson and politician. He was the 23rd Prime Minister of Thailand, from 9 February, 2001 to 19 September, 2006. He was also Minister of Foreign Affairs, from 25 October, 1994 to 10 February, 1995, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, from 13 July, 1995 to 8 November, 1997, and Minister of Education, from 14 June, 2001 to 9 October, 2001.

He is the son of Yindi (Ramingwong) and Loet Shinawatra. He is the brother of politician Yingluck Shinawatra. He has three children with his former wife, Potjaman Na Pombejra.

Thaksin’s paternal grandparents were Chiang Saekhu (the son of Seng Saekhu) and Saeng Samana. Seng was a Chinese immigrant, from Fengshun, Meizhou, Guangdong, of Hakka Chinese descent, and was the son of Chao Saekhu. Saeng was Thai.

Thaksin’s maternal grandfather was Wang Chuan Cheng, later Charoen Ramingwong. Charoen was a Chinese immigrant, of Hakka Chinese descent.

Thaksin’s maternal grandmother was Princess Chanthip na Chiangmai (the daughter of Somphamit, the Prince Chaisongkhram, and Usa na Chiangmai). Chanthip was Thai, of Lanna (Chiang Mai) royalty. Somphamit was the son of Prince Noi-rot na Chiangmai and Princess Ueangphueng na Chiangmai.

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