Tali Golergant

Place of Birth: Jersualem, Israel

Date of Birth: 1 July, 2000

*Peruvian Jewish (father)
*Israeli Jewish (mother)

Tali Golergant, also known simply as Tali, is a Luxembourgish singer, songwriter, actress, vocal coach, and music teacher. She represented Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

Tali was born in Jersualem, Israel. Her father is Peruvian Jewish, and her mother is Israeli. Due to her father’s work, she moved several times during her childhood; after spending five months in Israel, she lived in Chile for four years and then Argentina for seven, before settling in Limpertsberg, Luxembourg, for over a decade. Tali speaks English, Hebrew, and Spanish. She has also lived in New York City, New York.

Sources: https://www.euromix.co.il

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  1. sajmonn says:

    She finished 13th in the Eurovision 2024 final.

  2. sajmonn says:

    Her birthday date is now known, it’s July 1, 2000
    source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQw26YdJWEv/

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