Simona Izzo

5th Annual Rome International Film Festival - "Il Padre E Lo Straniero" Photocall

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Birth name: Simonetta Izzo

Place of Birth: Rome, Lazio, Italy

Date of Birth: 22 April, 1953

Ethnicity: Italian

Simona Izzo is an Italian actress, voice actress, director, and screenwriter.

Simona is the daughter of Liliana D’Amico and Renato Izzo, a dubber and actor. She is the twin sister of dubber, actress, and screenwriter Rossella Izzo, and the sister of dubbers Fiamma Izzo and Giuppy Izzo. Her paternal grandparents were from Calvi Risorta, Province of Caserta, Campania. Her niece, Myriam Catania, who is Rossella’s daughter, is also an actress and dubber.

Simona is married to director and actor Ricky Tognazzi. She has a son, actor Francesco Venditti, with her former husband, singer and songwriter Antonello Venditti.

Simona’s paternal grandfather was named Romolo Izzo. Romolo was a prefect.

Simona’s paternal grandmother was named Giuseppina.

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  1. andrew says:

    She is the twin-sister of dubber, actress and screenwriter Rossella Izzo, and sister of Fiamma Izzo and Giuppy Izzo, who are also dubbers. Rossella’s daughter, Myriam Catania, is an actress and dubber.

    Her son, Francesco Venditti, is an actor and dubber.

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