Seychelle Gabriel


Birth Name: Seychelle Suzanne Gabriel

Place of Birth: Burbank, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: March 25, 1991

*French, Mexican (father)
*Italian, including Sicilian (mother)

Seychelle Gabriel is an American actress. She was born in Burbank, California.

Her father is of half French and half Mexican descent. Her mother is of Italian (including Sicilian) ancestry.

Seychelle’s paternal grandfather is Guy Gabriel (the son of Albert Emile Jules or Henry/Henri Gabriel and Suzanne Louise Ernestine Arnoux). Guy was born in Paris, France. Henri was the son of Albert Gabriel and Marie Viard. Suzanne was the daughter of Paul Edouard Arnoux and Maria Gouaille.

Seychelle’s paternal grandmother is Hermelinda S. Castro (the daughter of Angel/Angelo Castro and Juanita Yanez). Hermelinda is of Mexican origin. Angel was born in Durango, Mexico, the son of Juan Castro Montoya and Eulala Saucedo Lopes.

Seychelle’s maternal grandfather is Joseph Philip DiForte (the son of Luigi DiForte/De Forte and Marietta/Marrietta). Joseph was born in New York, to Italian parents.

Seychelle’s maternal grandmother is Constance C. Mascari (the daughter of Charles Ignazio Mascari and Anna D’Amore). Constance was born in New York. Charles was Italian, the son of Tommaso “Thomas” Mascari and Lucia Cianciolo, who were from Palermo, Sicily. Anna was born in Wisconsin, to Italian parents, Mercurio D’Amore and Lucia Cianciolo.

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Photo by PR Photos

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  1. ihatemostpeople says:

    This bitch is ugly af, and she looks like a mutt.

  2. eldiablo1313 says:

    She looks far from black and could quality for Spanish or Portuguese.

  3. AnonymousPerson says:

    I do not believe for one second that’s she 3/4 white and 1/4 Mexican. She looks part Asian like SE Asian… maybe Filipino. She does not look her ethnicity. I think someone should do more research. She looks like a friend of mine who is Asian and white.

  4. AnonymousPerson says:

    She looks part Asian!

  5. J.J. says:

    correction; her eyes are hazel (light brown) and her hair is dark brown (brunette)

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