Roger Pontare

Birth Name: Fred Roger Johansson

Place of Birth: Lycksele, Västerbotten, Sweden

Date of Birth: 17 October, 1951

Ethnicity: Swedish, Sami

Roger Pontare is a Swedish musician. He represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 1994 and 2000, placing 13th and 17th, respectively.

He is the son of Enid Amanda (Olsson) Forsberg and Fredrik Leonard Lennart Johansson. Roger is married to Rut Elisabeth Mattsson, with whom he has two children, including singer, songwriter, and record producer Vincent Pontare.

Roger’s paternal grandfather was Johan Fredrik Fredriksson (the son of Fredrik August Eriksson and Frida Elisabet Johansdotter). Johan was born in Stensele, Västerbotten. Roger’s great-grandfather Fredrik was the son of Erik and Sofia Ulrika Charlotta Filipsdotter. Frida was the daughter of Johan Jacob Jonson and Anna Matilda Karlsdotter.

Roger’s paternal grandmpther was Gerda Maria Jonsson (the daughter of Anders Konrad Jonsson and Lydia Lambertsdotter). Gerda was born in Stensele, Västerbotten. Anders was the son of Jonas Ulrik Isaksson and Wilhelmina Erica/Erika Persdotter. Lydia was the daughter of Lambert Isacsson and Sara Greta Jacobsdotter.

Roger’s maternal grandfather was Sven Adolf Forsberg (the son of Axel Viktor Forsberg and Johanna Ottiliana Johansdotter). Sven was born in Malå, Västerbotten. Axel’s mother was Johanna Eriksdotter From. It is not clear if Axel’s biological father was Johan Gustav Forsberg, as he and his mother married after he was born. Roger’s great-grandmother Johanna was the daughter of Johan Fredrik Olofsson and Sara Lovisa Linder.

Roger’s maternal grandmpther was Sigrid Aqvilina From (the daughter of Erik Oskar From and Hedvig Amanda Lundmark). Sigrid was born in Sorsele, Västerbotten. Erik was the son of Nils Johansson From and Anna Katarina Andersdotter. Hedvig was the daughter of Johannes Johansson Lundmark and Hedda Erika Jonsdotter.

Roger’s maternal line can be traced to his seventh great-grandmother, Malin Mårtensdotter (March 1681, Burträsk, Västerbotten – 9 March 1745, Burträsk).

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