Rocco Nugent

Birth Name: Rocco Winchester Nugent

Date of Birth: July 22, 1990

Ethnicity: Swedish (paternal grandmother), Irish, German, Welsh, English, other

Rocco Nugent is an American actor, producer, and rap artist. He is also known as Rocco Moon. He is the son of Shemane and musician Ted Nugent.

Rocco’s paternal grandfather was Warren Henry Nugent (the son of John P. Nugent and Emma Genevieve/M. Ginkel). Warren was born in Michigan. John was the son of Patrick John Nugent, whose parents were Irish, and of Catherine “Kate” Kennedy, who was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Emma was of German descent, and was the daughter of Peter Apostle Ginkel and Mary Elizabeth Wilshire.

Rocco’s paternal grandmother was Marion Dorothy Johnson (the daughter of Henning Arthur Johnson and Rakel/Rachel Amelia Persson/Person/Pearson). Marion was born in Illinois, to Swedish parents. Henning was born in Helsingborg, Sk√•ne. Rakel was born in Gammalstorp, Blekinge, the daughter of Olof Alfred Persson and Hilda Nathalia Olsson.

Rocco’s maternal grandfather was the son of Ervin Harold Strem and Jean Agnes Thomas. Jean was the daughter of Benjamin Jerrit Thomas, whose parents were Welsh, and of Mary Ephumia “Effie” Johnson, who was Canadian.

Rocco’s maternal grandmother was named Yvonne Anna Bright.

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