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07/31/2014 – Nick Ballard – 2nd Annual “Life is Amazing” Lexus Short Films World Premiere – Arrivals – Regal LA Live – Los Angeles, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Kazuki Hirata / /

Birth Name: Nicholas M. Ballard

Place of Birth: Moss Bluff, Louisiana, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 25, 1981

father – English, Scottish
mother – French/Cajun, as well as distant Swiss-French and Spanish, and remote Huron Native American

Nick Ballard is an American actor.

Nick’s brother, Daniel Ballard, is also an actor. Nick’s father is of English and Scottish descent. Nick’s mother is almost entirely of French/Cajun descent, with distant Swiss-French and Spanish ancestry.

According to some family trees, Nick is also a descendant of Catherine (Exipakinoea) Colon, a Huron Native American woman born, c. 1656, in the Great Lakes region.

Nick’s paternal grandafather was Arthur Lee “Jake” Ballard (the son of William Thomas Ballard and Eugenia Lenora Moore). Arthur was born in Louisiana. William was born in Mississippi, the son of Anthony Marcus Ballard and Mahala Richmond. Eugenia was born in Louisiana, the daughter of Martin Moore and Annie/Melissa Mizell.

Nick’s paternal grandmother is named Mary Wilkerson Place/Peace (the daughter of Lillie). Mary was born in Louisiana. Lillie was born in Texas.

Nick’s maternal grandfather is Eli/Elie Dugas (the son of Pierre Arthur Dugas and Apollina Begnaud). Eli was born in Louisiana. Pierre was born in Louisiana, the son of Joseph Dugas and Emma Begnaud. Apollina was born in Louisiana, the daughter of Zephirin Begnaud and Emma Pelletier.

Nick’s maternal grandmother is Leona Joubert (the daughter of Jean Baptiste Joubert and Alice/Alicia/Alicie Durio). Leona was born in Louisiana. Jean Baptiste was born in Louisiana, the son of Achille Joubert and Sidonia Joubert.

Sources: Obituary of Nick’s paternal grandfather, Arthur Lee “Jake” Ballard –

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  1. andrew says:

    Catherine Exipakinoea is regularly found in Acadian genealogies, being all inbred.

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