Maya Hazen

Hazen in 2010, photo by Joe Seer/

Birth Name: Ann Maya Hazen

Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan

Date of Birth: June 28, 1978

*father – Ukrainian, Rusyn
*mother – Japanese

Maya Hazen is a Japanese-born American actress.

Her father was American and her mother is Japanese. She was raised in the U.S. She is married to Michael Manshel.

Maya’s paternal grandfather was Joseph Hazen (the son of Iwan Haschyn/Haszczyh/Hrycyszyn and Christina Wasyluk/Wasylyk). Joseph was born in Trembowla, Galicia, Poland, now Ukraine, and was of either Rusyn or Ukrainian descent.

Maya’s paternal grandmother was Katherine/Catherine/Kathleen Semenuk (the daughter of Dmitri/Demitri Semenuk/Semenick and Natalia/Natalie Evaschuk). Katherine was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and was likely Rusyn descent, or possibly Ukrainian.

Sources: Obituary of Maya’s father –

Marriage record of Maya’s paternal grandparents, Joseph Hazen and Katherine/Catherine/Kathleen Semenuk –

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  1. madman says:

    If this is Katherine, then she was Rusyn.

    Trembowla, however, is far away from the traditionally Rusyn lands, so I’m not sure there’s any evidence that Joseph was anything other than Ukrainian. Do we know the religion of them both?

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