Lou Diamond Phillips

Phillips in 2010, Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Birth Name: Lou Diamond Upchurch

Place of Birth: U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay, Olongapo, Zambales, Philippines

Date of Birth: February 17, 1962

*father – English, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish
*mother – Filipino

Lou Diamond Phillips is an American actor and director. He has starred in the films La Bamba, as musician Ritchie Valens, as well as Stand and Deliver, Young Guns, and many others.

Lou was born at U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay, Philippines. His father, Gerald Amon Upchurch, was American, and had English and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish ancestry. Lou’s mother, Lucita Umayam Araña, was a Filipina, from Candelaria. Lou is named after famous U.S. Marine Lou Diamond (born Leland Diamond).

Lou’s father has been described as also having Cherokee Native American ancestry. Lou’s mother has been described as also having Japanese, Hawaiian, Chinese, and Spanish ancestry. It is not clear if these lineages have been verified/documented.

Lou has said:

People often mistake me for a Latino or even Indian, so I always mention in interviews that I am Filipino and I’m proud to be one.

He has also stated:

I never claimed to be a Native actor, but I do have Native blood.

Lou is married to makeup artist Yvonne Boismier. He has three children with his former wife, model Kelly Phillips; and a daughter with Yvonne.

Lou’s paternal grandfather was Ralph Amon Upchurch (the son of Arthur Jefferson “A J” Upchurch and Nora Lee Bowden). Ralph was born in Georgia. Arthur was the son of Jasper Upchurch and Lucinda Abagail/Abigail Chaffin. Nora was the daughter of James Filmore Bowden and Sara Jane Mayor.

Lou’s paternal grandmother was Louella M. Maloy (the daughter of Rosser Joseph Maloy and Kate Bell “Katie” Ogletree). Louella was born in Georgia. Rosser was the son of Thomas Andrew Maloy and Jodie Kelly.

Lou’s maternal grandfather was Policarpo Fumera Arañas (the son of Antonio Arañas and Antonia Fumera).

Lou’s maternal grandmother was Eugenia Cocoyog Umayam (the daughter of Justo Dumlao Umayam and Severa Febrero Cocoyog/Cacoyog).

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    i don’t see the mestizo look, i just see white

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    isnt he also part hawaiian???

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    Until I came onto this site, I always thought he was Mexican or even native Hawaiian. Cool tho. He’s european and Filipino.

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    Louella’s maiden initial is still M.

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    Please, re-check the spelling for one of his maternal great-grandmothers. Thanks.

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