Jordy Shulman

Birth Name: Jordan Shulman

Place of Birth: Northbrook, Illinois, US

Date of Birth: March 11, 1995

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Jordy Shulman is an American singer-songwriter performing under the name JORDY. He has made appearances on The Kelly Clarkson Show and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Ancestry/Genealogy: Jordy’s paternal grandfather is Lee S Shulman, an educational psychologist (born to Albert Shulman and Sonia Shulman). Lee was born in Chicago, Illinois. Albert was born in Łodź, Poland. His parents moved to Israel in the 1940s. Sonia was born in Jurbarkas, Lithuania.

Jordy’s paternal grandmother was Judith Horwitz (born to Joseph Horwitz and Ethel Levy). Judith was born in Chicago. Joseph was born in Pryluky, Ukraine. Ethel was born in Chicago to parents from Nowogród and Sokoły, both in Poland.

Jordy’s maternal grandfather was Charles Dresner (born to Leonard Julius Dresner and Phyllis Leona Silverman). Charles was born in Chicago. Leonard was born in Chicago to parents from Kraków, Poland and Liepāja, Latvia. Phyllis was born in Chicago to parents from Gießen, Germany and Poznań, Poland.

Jordy’s maternal grandmother was Linda Light (born to Leonard Robert Light and Jane Cohen). Linda was born in Chicago. Leonard was born in Latvia to a Latvian father and a Lithuanian mother from Shavli. Jane was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, to parents from Riga, Latvia.

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