Joanie Dodds

Dodds in 2017, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Joan Ann Dodds

Place of Birth: Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 20, 1981

Ethnicity: Irish, Welsh, English, German, Scottish

Joanie Dodds is an American model, television personality, and television host. She was a contestant on the sixth season of America’s Next Top Model, and a carpenter on TLC’s reality program Trading Spaces, as Joanie Sprague.

A 23andMe DNA test whose results Joanie displayed on her Instagram page stated that her genetic ancestry is:

*44.7% British & Irish
*32.2% French & German
*17.8% Broadly Northwestern European
*2.9% Scandinavian
*1.1% Finnish
*0.7% Broadly European

Joanie’s paternal grandfather was Robert Warren Dodds (the son of Robert Warren Dodds and Davetta Dyer). Joanie’s grandfather Robert was born in Pennsylvania. Joanie’s great-grandfather Robert was born in Pennsylvania, the son of William Dodds, who was English, and of Elizabeth Conn. Davetta was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of David H. Dyer, whose parents were Irish, and of Sarah A. Evans, who was born in England, to Welsh parents.

Joanie’s paternal grandmother was Virginia May Martsolf (the daughter of Albert Kenneth Martsolf and Viola May Welsh). Virginia was born in Pennsylvania. Albert was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Albert Frederick Martsolf and Lula M. Rhodes. Viola was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Albert Lloyd Welsh, whose parents were from England and Wales, and of Mary A. McDonald.

Source: Obituary of Joanie’s paternal grandmother, Virginia May (Martsolf) Dodds –

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