Glynnis O’Connor

Place of Birth: New Rochelle, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 19, 1956

*Irish (father)
*Swedish, German (mother)

Glynnis O’Connor is an American actress. She starred in the films Jeremy, Ode to Billy Joe, and Those Lips, Those Eyes, among others.

Glynnis is the daughter of producer Daniel Patrick O’Connor and actress Lenka Peterson, also credited as Lenka Petersen (born Betty Ann Isacson). Her brother, Darren O’Connor, has also acted. She is married to Douglas Stern, with whom she has two children.

Glynnis’s paternal grandfather was Daniel A./Patrick O’Oconnor (the son of Thomas O’Connor and Catherine Moriarty). Daniel was born in Ardrahan, Kerry, Ireland. Thomas was the son of Thomas O’Connor and Margaret Guerin. Catherine was the daughter of William Moriarty and Mary Ellen Lawlor.

Glynnis’s paternal grandmother was named Rose Anne Slevin (the daughter of Daniel Slevin and Catherine). Rose was Irish.

Glynnis’s maternal grandfather was Sven Edward Isacson (the son of Gustav Isacson and Justine Burgeson). Sven was Swedish.

Glynnis’s maternal grandmother was Magdalina/Magdelena/Lenke Leinweber (the daughter of Peter Leinweber and Catherine Smith). Magdalina was from Banatski Brestovac, and was of German ancestry.

Source: Marriage record of Glynnis’s maternal grandparents, Sven Edward Isacson and Magdalina/Magdelena/Lenke Leinweber –

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  1. bablah says:

    I found Lenke’s passenger record. It says she’s from Banatski Brestovac, and is of German ethnicity.

  2. follers says:

    Ethnic, is there a picture, please?

    • bablah says:

      Just to expand on the Hungarian/Yugoslavian thing. Yugoslavian isn’t an ethnicity. Hungary lost some of its territory to Yugoslavia after WWI, but that didn’t change the ethnicity of the residents. While I have a suspicion that Lenke was also (at least partially) German, her language on the census is listed as Hungarian, and we should probably keep it that way.

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