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Freddie Mercury Stamp

Freddie Mercury stamp, issued c. 2006, photo by gors4730/

Birth Name: Farrokh Bulsara

Date of Birth: 5 September, 1946

Place of Birth: Stone Town, Sultanate of Zanzibar (now Tanzania)

Date of Death: 24 November, 1991

Place of Death: Kensington, London, England, U.K.

Ethnicity: Parsi

Freddie Mercury was a British singer, songwriter, and record producer. He was the lead singer of the band Queen. Other members of the band include or have included John Deacon, Brian May, and Roger Taylor.

Freddie was born Farrokh Bulsara in Stone Town, in the British protectorate of Zanzibar (now Tanzania), an island. His parents, Jer and Bomi Rustomji Bulsara, were Parsis from the Gujarat region of India. His father worked as a cashier at the British Colonial Office in Zanzibar. The surname Bulsara is derived from the town of Bulsar (now known as Valsad), in southern Gujarat.

Freddie’s family was of the Zoroastrian religion. He spent much of his youth in India and Zanzibar, and moved to London, England, when he was seventeen. In India, he attended St. Peter’s School, a British-style boarding school for boys.

Throughout his career, he was said to have been hesitant to talk about his ethnic background. This was something he was criticized for. He is considered Britain’s first Asian rock star.

Freddie was played by Rami Malek in the film Bohemian Rhapsody (2018). Rami won the Academy Award for Best Actor for the role.

Freddie’s paternal grandfather was named Givind Bulsara.

Freddie’s paternal grandmother was named Devkor.


Genealogy of Freddie Mercury (focusing on his father’s side) –


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Eduardo says:

    Freddie mercury real name was bulsara that last name sounds ethnic he was truly a parsi persia man im surprised he didnt have a persian cat I think he was ashamed of his parsi race because he never talked about it and he wore white make-up to make his skin light he really wanted to be a white man but lets face it he is a parsi indian with a fantastic vocal range.

    • poppy says:

      So how do you know that he wore white makeup and he wanted to be white ?
      He never said that and he never wore white makeup whatever that is.You saw on LIVEAID his light skin….and the fact that nobody knew his origin proves they thought he was white British but people in Britain ALWAY knew he was Indian.His parents wore ethnic clothes.He had Zoarastrian services.His family mixed with his star friends.
      Its a fallacy to assume that if there is a pale Indian he is a wannabee white.
      Indians can be white,olive and dark.Get over it if you never knew that.Thats how it is….and you need not flatter yourself that anybody can wish themselves to be a certain way bcuz Indians are caucasian,aryan and Indo-european by genetics alone.Nothing to do with any imput from the west thanks.

    • holymacaroni92 says:

      North Indians commonly look like Freddie Mercury. You’re an idiot to think if all Indians are dark and this so called term used commonly by whites “exotic looking”. Go to the Himalayas and go see the Indians with light hair and light eyes. You realize the Caucasus mountains are pretty close to India right? You realize the Brahmins of West Bengal have the 72% R1A1 group which is the same as Eastern Europeans right? You realize that Aryans made two paths, south towards India and West towards the rest of Europe, they didn’t all just take one path.

      These people have India next to dark Dravidians for THOUSANDS of years. They are JUST AS Indian as Dravidians who the common “dark and exotic” looking ones.

      There are just too many people in this world that slept through history. No wonder it repeats itself.

  2. Eduardo says:

    Freddie mercury face was so distinct that you really didn’t know what his race was was he white, was he indian, was he a arab or afghanistan he look like he could go for almost a white man with hia silky dark hair and pale skin but he also looked indian because his bone structure was so indian like, but now I know what his race was he is a parsi which means zoroastrian indian and iranian and also persian he was a persian/indian thats why he looked the way he looked and had an overbite when he talk and sing his skin was very pale but also yellow and tan olive he wasnt a white man he was a parsi with an ethnic birthname thats so awesome freddie bulsara mercury

    • poppy says:

      His race is caucasian.He was Persian origin and Indian.Iran means aryan and India is also the land of the aryan.His overbite is just that.Its a personal trait not a racial trait.

  3. Eduardo says:

    Freddie mercury parsi indian iranian and persian wow and he really have exotic features even his over bite ha ha

  4. Eduardo says:

    I I had no idea freddie mercury was persian and indian and parsi his skin is so pale like a white man persians and parsi people are so dark.

    • Katz says:

      Most of the Persians I’ve seen are pale.

      • FTBy5q says:

        uh Persians are white.

        • Thenabster says:

          Racially, yes, Iranians, Indians, Arabs, and Turks are White.

          • johnlebo says:

            Lol take Indians out of that. They are fully brown. Only some Iranians and Arabs are white. But Turkish are full white

          • muricansareallmutts says:

            As skin color? Some are others not there are olive/brown skinned Turkish in fact there are ethnic Slavs of Turkish background totally dark others have white skin on Semitic/Turkish face cause Turks like these other peoples aren’t Euros they don’t have European faces. I’m European living in Europe and I can state it.
            There are fair Indians too they’re not all deep brown like you find very dark chocolate Iranians like the rest of Mid Easterns also remember that they’re famous to be super obsessed to bleach their skin especially women.

          • muricansareallmutts says:

            Mercury before he became famous was the typical Arab/Indian was dark-complexioned on thick features if you see his child/teen pics even they were black&white you notice.
            He took plastic surgeries to change his appereance like Micheal Jackson done on himself.

          • pedromota says:

            In Latin America, most of these people you mentioned would be classified as white, because what is judged at first is the color of the skin, they usually have a white skin, with the exception of those from the Arabian Peninsula and some parts of the North Africa, which tend to be more brown skin, and in India I believe that only the north people tend to be whiter, which are regions of Iranian or Siberian admixture.

        • Thenabster says:

          Are they really?

      • Thenabster says:

        Like Levantines? Some Indians are also fair.

  5. smiles says:

    I love Queen love him

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