Chrystina Sayers

Scott L. Schwartz "Name That Celebrity Cupcake" Event - Arrivals

Sayers in 2010, photo by Prphotos

Place of Birth: San Diego, California, U.S. (possibly)

Date of Birth: August 14, 1986

Ethnicity: African-Jamaican, Native American, African-American, Irish

Chrystina Sayers is an American musician. She was a member of girl group Girlicious, along with Tiffanie Anderson, Nichole Cordova, and Natalie Mejia.

She is of Jamaican, Native American, African-American, and Irish descent. She stated this in an interview. Chrystina was adopted by professional football player Ron Sayers, who is African-American, and by his Japanese wife.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. xoxo says:

    She looks like a hawk or something..

  2. leslie_4 says:

    And how does she know she’s all theses ethnicities? to me she looks 1/4 caucasian and 3/4 black.

    Sounds like she’s more confused or lying because her adopted mom is Japanese and her adopted Dad is black.

    Can she name the Native American tribe, and where the connection comes from? or is she another one of those people who claim Cherokee or Blackfoot like 20 generations back? or a family fairytale.. lol

    Does she have proof? or documents to show her Native heritage?
    Native Americans and Native Canadians are the most documented people in North America, period. If you cannot find any proof to say you are Native or are of recent (a half, quarter, or full Native) do not say you have Native American Heritage when you’re not!

    I personally don’t believe an adopted person would be the same exact ethnicities as her adopted parents, unless she was born in Japan or something else, but that isn’t the case.

    She wants to sound exotic, just like so many other wannabes. lt’s sad. When will this fad end?

  3. ethnic says:

    Hey Lala, actually she said in the interview above that she has Irish heritage. A lot of people think she has Japanese descent which is not true. happy new year to you too.


    • total23 says:

      I Learned, Correct Me If I’m Wrong.
      Native Americans And And East Asian Are Sub Groups Of The Mongoloid Race. So That Is Why Many People Think She Looks Chinese/Japanese Etc. Alot Of Indios (Indigenous People Of The Americas; North America, South America, Central America etc) Have Those Kinda East Asian Eyes, So The Only Reason Why She Have The East Asian Eyes Is Because Native American Come From The Same “Great” Race As Other East Asian!

  4. Lala says:

    There’s no Irish in this chick, ethnic.
    She’s kinda ugly though. Haha I’m sorry, but she is.
    Happy New Year, by the way. Congrats on the site making it to 2010.

  5. HarajukuBarbie says:

    She looked half Japanese and half African-American to me.
    Anyway, she has a nice mix.

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