Chris Witaske

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Birth Name: Christopher R. Witaske

Place of Birth: St. Charles, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 12, 1983

Ethnicity: Polish, as well as Irish and German

Chris Witaske is an American actor.

Chris’ paternal grandfather is Raymond Witaske (the son of Florian Maxmilion “Max” Witaske/Witkowski/Witkovsky and Carolyn S. “Carrie” Konieczko). Raymond was born in Illinois. Maxmilion was born in Illinois, to Polish parents, Maxmilian Witkovsky and Franciska Cynn. Carolyn was born in Illinois, to parents from Poland.

Chris’ paternal grandmother is Natalie M. Laszkiewicz/Laskin/Lasken (the daughter of Ignatz/Ignacy/Ignatius Laszkiewicz and Aleksandra/Alexandria Olewniczek). Natalie was born in Illinois, to parents from Poland.

Chris’ maternal grandfather is Arthur G. “Joe” Erdmann (the son of Arthur Gustav Erdmann and Anna Ruth Gill). Chris’ grandfather Arthur was born in Illinois. Chris’ great-grandfather Arthur was born in Illinois, to German parents, Gustav Erdmann/Erdman and Wilhelmina “Minna” Loeber/Laper. Anna was born in Illinois, to Irish parents, Michael Gill and Sarah Jeffers/Giffers.

Chris’ maternal grandmother is Dolores Shirley Corcoran (the daughter of John Stephan/Steven/Stevin “Jack” Corcoran and Clara Victoriam/Victoria Pohlmann/Pohlman). Dolores was born in Illinois. John was born in Minnesota, the son of James Corcoran, whose parents were Irish, and of Margaret/Margaretta Ann Hunt, whose parents were also Irish. Clara was born in Illinois, to parents from either Germany or Poland, Albert Pohlmann and Anna Glomska/Glomski.

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