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Birth Name: Allison Howell Williams

Place of Birth: New Canaan, Connecticut, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 13, 1988

Ethnicity: Irish, Swedish, German, English, Scottish, distant French

Allison Williams is an American actress, comedian, and singer. She is known for starring on the series Girls and in the films Get Out, The Perfection, Horizon Line, and M3GAN.

She is the daughter of television producer Jane Gillan (Stoddard) and newscaster Brian Williams (Brian Douglas Williams). She has a son with her fiancé, German actor Alexander Dreymon.

Her father has Irish, as well as Swedish and German, ancestry. Her mother has English, Scottish, some German, and distant French, ancestry. One of Allison’s maternal great-great-great-grandfathers was Owen Lovejoy, a Congregationalist minister, lawyer, Republican congressman from Illinois (1857-1864), and abolitionist.

Allison’s paternal grandfather was Gordon Lewis/Louis Williams (the son of William Lionel Williams and Jane Helene “Jennie” Malenberg/Malmberg). Gordon was born in Framingham, Massachusetts. William was the son of William L. Williams and Sarah Amelia Welch. Jane’s parents, Johan/John August Malmberg and Magdalena Jacobina Mattson/Anderson, were Swedish.

Allison’s paternal grandmother was Dorothy May Pampel (the daughter of Walter John Pampel and Mary Costello). Dorothy was born in Illinois. Walter was the son of Josephus P. Pampel, who had German ancestry, with a father born in Strasbourg, Alsace-Lorraine; and of Anna C. McManus, who had Irish ancestry. Mary was born in Chicago, to Irish parents, James P. Costello and Julia A. O’Rourke.

Allison’s maternal grandfather is Hudson Gillan Stoddard (the son of Alexander Jerry Stoddard and Sadie/Sarah Keefer Gillan). Hudson was born in New York. Alexander was the son of Alexander “Sandy”/”Alex” Stoddard and Mary Minerva Newman. Sadie was the daughter of William Erwin Gillan and Hannah Ephia/Sophia Keefer.

Allison’s maternal grandmother is Patricia Lovejoy (the daughter of Elijah Parish Lovejoy and Jane Augusta Howell). Patricia was born in Michigan. Elijah was the son of Elijah Parish Lovejoy and Mary Emma Skinner. Jane was the daughter of John White Howell and Frederica/Federica Burckle/Burekle Gilchrist.

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    not pretty

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      Everyone no matter how attractive, has some features or characteristics that can be considered less than ideal, or aren’t universally desired.

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    >William Lionel Williams
    >Jane Helene “Jennie” Malenberg/Malmberg
    >William was the son of William Williams and Sarah Amelia Welch. Jane’s parents, Johan August Malmberg and Magdalena Jacobina Mattson, were Swedish.

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