Adriana Xenides

Birth Name: Adriana Coutsaimanis

Date of Birth: 9 January, 1956

Place of Birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date of Death: 7 June, 2010

Place of Death: Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia

*Greek (father)
*Spanish (mother)

Adriana Xenides was an Australian television presenter, model, actress, and children’s author. She was a co-host and letter-turner on the Australian Wheel of Fortune, from 1981 to 1999, holding the Guinness World Record for longest-running game show host for a time.

Adriana was born in Buenos Aires, to a Greek father and a Spanish mother, and moved to Australia as a child. She was a finalist at Mrs. South Australia in 1978. Her surname was from her first husband Michael Xenides.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Dar says:

    Add Argentinian, Spanish-Argentinian, and Greek-Argentinian.

  2. Scallywag says:

    And really this is what it is sometimes, we spin, we hop and we play for keeps and even then sometimes we get the most unluckiest spins- We’ll miss you Adriana, even all the way from here in New York love.

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