Teresa Giudice

Giudice in 2010, Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

Birth Name: Teresa Gorga

Place of Birth: Paterson, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 18, 1972

Ethnicity: Italian

Teresa Giudice is an American television personality and fitness competitor. She is known for starring on the reality show The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Her parents, Antonia (Campiglia) and Giacinto “Gino” Gorga, were Italian, and were born in Sala Consilina, Province of Salerno, Campania. She is fluent in Italian. Her brother, Giuseppe “Joe” Gorga, is married to television personality, author, singer, designer, and businessperson Melissa Gorga. Teresa is married to Luis Ruelas. She has four children with her former husband, construction builder and restaurant owner Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice, who was born in Saronno, Lombardy, Italy.

Among her books is Skinny Italian: Eat It and Enjoy It? Live La Bella Vita and Look Great, Too!, 2010.

Source: Obituary of Teresa’s mother – https://www.findagrave.com


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. andrew says:

    Parents: Giacinto Gorga and Antonia Campiglia

    They were born in Sala Consilina, Province of Salerno, Campania, Italy.

    • andrew says:


      You definitely have massive identity issues, also called “off-white dilemma”.

      • Andrew133 says:

        WTF, what the hell are you talking about ???!, Are you nuts ??!, I didn’t know that my words hurt you so much, but that’s the fact, Italians are the darkest of all Europeans, anyone in this planet knows this Fact, and what the hell is “off-white dilemma” ????!, the only one who have this issue is you, Italians are very dark comparing to the vast majority of Europeans, Deal with it my Italian friend

      • Andrew133 says:

        “off-white dilemma” ,the people who suffers from this issue are Italians literally like you.

        “Coined by a forum poster named Wadaad, OWD stands Off White Dilemma. It means someone swarthy who tries to whiten his people as much as possible and tries to make himself closer to “whiteness” in whatever ways. The people who suffer from this dilemma are always swarthy/tanned skinned, have dark hair and eyes. Turks, Arabs, North Africans, Iranians, Armenians, Kurds, White South Americans, Spaniards and Southern Italians are the most common people to suffer from it.”


  2. BIG PAC says:

    I believe this one is italian. the majority all look like her.

  3. Vito D'42 says:

    You are 110% right about Teressa and her husband. They are racist! Thats why her brother snapped at her. I beleive Teressa/ husband made a racist comment about her bro’s wife. Thats why he cursed his sister out at Christening!!

  4. Myspace Celebrity says:

    Not that it’s completely relevant to Teresa,but I’m still a little irked by what her daughter said (“I don’t wanna marry a Jewish person” and her reasoning for it). Kids don’t always have filters,but I don’t know…maybe I’m just being too sensitive because my dad is Jewish.

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