Tamara Ecclestone and Petra Ecclestone

Amber Lounge Fashion Show Monaco 2011

Petra (left) and Tamara Ecclestone in 2011, photo by Prphotos.com

Place of Birth:
*Milan, Italy (Tamara)
*Westminster, London, England, U.K. (Petra)

Date of Birth:
*28 June, 1984 (Tamara)
*19 December, 1988 (Petra)

*English (father)
*Croatian (mother)

Tamara Ecclestone and Petra Ecclestone are British models, socialites, and television personalities. Petra is also a fashion designer.

Tamara and Petra are the daughters of Armani model Slavica Ecclestone (born Slavica Radić) and business magnate Bernie Ecclestone (Bernard Charles Ecclestone), of Formula 1. Her father was born in Hawk House, St Peter South Elmham, Suffolk, England. Her mother was born in Rijeka, PR Croatia, FPR Yugoslavia.

Tamara is married to Jay Rutland, with whom she has two children. Petra has three children with her former husband, businessperson James Stunt.

Tamara and Petra’s paternal grandfather was Sydney William Ecclestone (the son of Robert Henry Ecclestone and Flora Mills Hunwick). Robert was the son of Robert Henry Ecclestone and Emily Jay. Flora was the daughter of William Frederick Mills and Alice Tiffen Hunwick.

Tamara and Petra’s paternal grandmother was Bertha Sophia Westley (the daughter of George Henry Westley and Rosina Loram). George was the son of Richard Westley and Emily Ann Spiller. Rosina was the daughter of Jesse Loram and Mary Ann Edwards.

Tamara and Petra’s maternal grandfather was named Jovan (Jovo) Radić. Jovan was from Maglajani, Laktaši municipality, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tamara and Petra’s maternal grandmother was named Ljubica Malić. Ljuibca was from Riječani, Laktaši municipality.

Tamara Ecclestone Launches the Lisa Blue Charity Whale Tale Bracelet Campaign Photocall

Tamara Ecclestone in 2012, photo by Prphotos.com

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk

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  1. andrew says:

    Her maternal grandparents were from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  2. jonasbttencourt says:

    Well they look like you know what…The kind of ladies we would see at Charlie Sheen’s house during his “tiger blood” days hahahaha…

    • ethnic says:

      I would say that where possible, siblings should have a shared page seeing that they have exactly the same ethnicity. Of course better known celebs should probably have their own profile page.

  3. August says:

    Mother is Serbian from Croatia.

  4. andrew says:

    do you find a Bernie Ecclestone’s genealogy?

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