Birth Name: Samantha Marie Sprackling

Place of Birth: Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria

Date of Birth: 3 June, 1968

*father – English, one eighth Irish
*mother – Portuguese, Chinese, 1/32 Dutch

Saffron is a British singer, songwriter, and actress. She is the lead singer of the electronica band Republica.

Her father, Bernard Richard Sprackling, was English, from Lambeth, London. Her mother, Theresa Marie “Tessa” (Rosa Pereira), was born in Hong Kong, of Portuguese, Chinese, and 1/32 Dutch, descent.

Saffron’s paternal grandfather was Bernard Richard Sprackling (the son of George Isaac Edward Sprackling and Edith Emily King). Bernard was born in Dulwich, London. George was the son of George Sprackling and Sarah Ann “Annie” Smith. Edith was the daughter of Edward Halsted King and Selina Amanda Rider.

Saffron’s paternal grandmother was Dorothy Donnelly (the daughter of John Matthew Donnelly and Emily Adeline “Ethel,” baptised Emily Adelaide, Ballard). Dorothy was born in Dartford, Kent. John was the son of an Irish emigrant, Matthew Donnelly, and of Mary Furlonger. Emily was the daughter of George Ballard and Martha Mallion.

Saffron’s maternal grandfather was Carlos Eduardo “Carlinho” Rosa Pereira (the son of Francisco Maria Rosa Pereira and Angelina Maria de Carvalho). Carlos was born in Hong Kong. Francisco was the son of Alfredo Maria Rosa Pereira and Epicarides Anna Placé, who was from Macau. Angelina was the daughter of Gerardo Maria “Ado” de Carvalho and Capitolina Maria “Lilly” de Noronha. Capitolina’s maternal grandmother, Carolina Dober, was Dutch.

Saffron’s maternal grandmother was Beatrice Maria “Tuxie” Xavier (the daughter of Francisco Miguel Xavier and Júlia Maria Ozório de Sequeira). Beatrice was born in Hong Kong. Francisco was born in Shanghai, China, the son of Francisco Paulo Xavier and Capitolena Maria dos Remedios, who were from Macau. Júlia was the daughter of Ernesto Pedro de Sequeira, who was from Macau, and of Esmeralda Leopoldina “Nina” Ozório.

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